50% JPMiles Back for redemptions

JetPrivilege is offering a new promotion where they are promising up to 50% JPmiles back for their frequent flyers for March 2018. Under the targetted promotion which is being slipped into the mailboxes, one needs to register for this promotion before being able to benefit from the promo.

JetPrivilege JPMiles Back

50% JPMiles Back

The promotion is very simple. You redeem your tickets with Jet Airways or other Airline Partners after registering for the promotion. After you travel, you get miles back to your account by the end of April 2018.

The redemption process is simple, but you do not get the same number of miles back for all flights. The best thing to do is to check in on the home page of the promotion and see which flights get you what as miles back. For instance, I checked how many miles I’d get back for a Mumbai Dehradun Redemption.

JetPrivilege Miles Back

Here is what turned up. So if I am willing to board a BOM-DED flight at 12:40 PM, I could get a business class ticket for 9500 JPMiles net. However, if I want to be over on the 10:30 AM flight, I only get 5700 Miles back, i.e., net mileage cost is 13,300 JPMiles.

Not just that, you get a 25% Miles back straight into your account for redeeming on any of their 20 partner airlines of JetPrivilege as well. However, partner redemptions are not getting any miles back if there is a direct Jet Airways flight on that route.

You can book your redemptions through March 15, 2018, and travel through March 31, 2018, to be able to benefit from this promotion. Remember, you first need to Register, and the promotion is targetted!


This is a great promotion from JetPrivilege for those of you who have travel plans coming up in the next month. Heading to Abu Dhabi? Imagine a business class seat at only 17500 miles from Mumbai one way. Heading to Kolkata from Mumbai? Just about 13200 JPMiles instead of 24000 usually.

What are you redeeming your JPMiles for under this promotion? If there are any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.


  1. Cannot register. I did not get an email, and your link takes me to the miles calculator page but not registration page. Is there a way?

  2. So is this offer valid on travel in the month of March?

    Will one get back JP miles back if you upgrade to premiere from economy using miles on a cash purchase ticket?

  3. @Agrawal
    I guess this is a targeted promotion. I also tried for registration but it shows campaign is no more valid.
    I have not received any communication from jet airways.

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