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The lines between the sharing economy and hotels are beginning to blur in present times. Airbnb, which started off with the idea of strangers staying in each others’ homes, is now putting its focus on wooing the affluent globe-trotter. The company’s acquisition of Luxury Retreats last year and the soon to be launched membership program are geared to attract wealthy travellers. On the other hand, to keep up with the competition global hotel chains are diversifying their portfolio. Last year, Hyatt announced that they were investing in the home rentals platform, Oasis, thereby setting up a Hyatt Home Rentals testbed.

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Oasis: Home Meets Hotel

Oasis is a collection of ~2000 handpicked homes across 20 countries that maintain hotel-like standards such as luxury toiletries, and on-demand concierge services.

“Oasis was built on the idea of bringing high-quality standards, design and service to the world of home rentals, so it’s a natural progression to offer World of Hyatt members a new way to travel, without sacrificing the high standards to which they are accustomed,” said Parker Stanberry, founder of Oasis. “Hyatt is the industry leader when it comes to offering genuine and trusted travel experiences, so we’re thrilled to participate in the World of Hyatt program.”

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Oasis home rentals will join Hyatt’s The Unbound Collection

As of today, Oasis will form a part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, which is designed to be a collection of unique experiences offering luxury properties that have distinctive characteristics, rich history, exclusive locations, famous architecture, design and more. Oasis perfectly blends into The Unbound Collection.

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As Amy Weinberg, SVP, World of Hyatt said “Sometimes our members’ travel needs go beyond a hotel, whether it is because they are travelling with a larger group, have a longer stay in mind, need more space or want to stay in a local neighbourhood. But we understand that they also want the peace of mind, personalised service, and loyalty benefits they expect from experiences backed by Hyatt.”

Hyatt’s limited time partnership with Oasis has now transformed into a permanent one where effective March 1, 2018, Oasis will be joining the World of Hyatt program. This means that effective today World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem points for stays at Oasis rentals. Apart from this members will also enjoy elite benefits.

Earning World of Hyatt Points

Hyatt points

Effective March 1, 2018, members who stay at an Oasis home rental can earn World of Hyatt points and benefits in the following way:

  • 5 Base Points for every eligible US dollar spent on Oasis rentals
  • Nights spent at Oasis properties will count towards World of Hyatt tier qualification.
  • Members will earn bonus points (10% for Discoverist, 20% for Explorist and 30% for Globalist)
  • Late check-out for elite members (2 p.m. for Discoverist and Explorist; 4 p.m. for Globalist)
  • Enjoy a welcome amenity at check-in for elite members

Redeeming World of Hyatt points for Oasis rentals

Oasis properties will not be categorised under Hyatt’s 1-7 tiers; rather redemptions will be revenue based where members can redeem 15,000 Hyatt points for a 200 US Dollar credit toward an Oasis stay (additional increments of 15,000 points for additional $200 credits)

Hyatt Home Rentals

Oasis Studio Home Rental in Milan priced at 95 Euros per night

Earn More Bonus Points Right Away

To kick off this collaboration, World of Hyatt members will earn 1,000 Bonus Points per qualifying night on top of Base Points earned for stays at Oasis between March 1, 2018, and June 30, 2018. This bonus is on top of Hyatt’s current promotion More Bonus Points. Night after Night.

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It is interesting to witness Hyatt tiptoeing in the luxury home rental space without diluting their brand value. The good thing is that adding Oasis to Hyatt’s The Unbound Collection allows the brand to expand its footprint in many markets where it is currently not present like Barcelona, Ibiza and Rome.

Additionally, members can earn Hyatt points and redeem points at Oasis stays for a reasonable value. Nights at Oasis properties will count towards tier qualification. Therefore overall the partnership is positive news.

What do you think of Oasis home rentals joining the Hyatt portfolio?

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