Cosy Joon economy seats can turn into kiddie beds

Flying with family can be tough, especially with little ones. From changes in cabin pressure which makes kids squeal when their ears pop to the dry air – flying can be uncomfortable. Joon, Air France‘s hip new age arm wants to make flying better by offering Joon A340 seats which can be transformed to mini lie-flat beds.

Joon A340 seats

Joon has introduced an innovative new seat where the headrest of an economy seat can be used as a seat extension, and they call them Cosy Joon. These seats are available on their A340 fleet which is configured in a 2-4-2 layout. Four rows, i.e. row 33-36 will have these seats. When the extension is fixed, places for two children transform into one bed for 2 measuring 105 x 76 cm. Watch their video to see what exactly I’m talking about.


If you thought you could book one of these rows, and combine these seats to make a nice bed which can rival the ones in Etihad Apartments, tough luck. For starters, it looks like only two seats out of the four have the extensions. Moreover, only families can book these seats. And like everything nice in the airline world, it isn’t free. You pay EUR 20 per family member for these seats. Then again, if I were a 6-year-old LiveFromALounge reader, I’d think that’s a bargain for lie-flat seats. And let’s not forget, Joon will also be providing a cotton mattress pad for extra comfort. You have two options available:

  • One adult and two kids for 60 Euros
  • Two adults and two kids for 80 Euros


I find Joon’s new seats to be innovative. Afterall at 35,000 feet, a sleeping kid is better than a crying one. If you are a grown-up travelling in pairs, your best bet to lie down is the old strategy of booking the two aisle side seats and pray nobody is assigned the middle seats.


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