Win an iPhone XS with your JPMiles!

JetPrivilege offers a variety of ways to spend JPMiles. While the most obvious one is to use JPMiles for redemption tickets, one of the more fun ways to burn a few is to enter the monthly JetPrivilege raffle, where you win iPads, Bose Headphones and more. This time around, you have a chance to win the hottest phone of the year Рthe iPhone XS.

jetprivilege raffle

To participate in this raffle, visit’s raffle page. There, pick up a ticket for 200 JPMiles. You can buy more tickets to increase your odds if you’d like. After completing the transaction, you should be receiving an email with the raffle ticket number(s). That’s about it.

The winner would be announced once the raffle closes at the end of the month, i.e. October 31, 2018. If luck is by your side, you win a brand new 64GB iPhone XS. JetPrivilege will intimate the winner within 48 hours.

And if you are planning on purchasing up one of these anyways, head to to earn JPMiles on your purchase. While you are at it, I highly recommend you pick up AppleCare+, unless you are comfortable shelling out upwards of INR 40,000 when you crack your screen.


If you have very little JPMiles or too many of them, the JetPrivilege raffle is one way to burn a few points and have fun while at it. Better than spending 8800 JPMiles on a toaster any given day.

Have you participated in the JetPrivilege raffle before? What did you bid your miles on?

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