JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Card launched!

The collaboration between JetPrivilege and HDFC Bank goes back to 2012. HDFC Bank was the first bank to launch a co-branded credit card along with JetPrivilege, and the only bank so far which has a co-branded debit card on offer as well. While this was a great partnership, they also outdid themselves yesterday with the launch of the HDFC Bank Diners Club Black – JetPrivilege co-branded credit card. I’d heard rumors and had spotted this card on the HDFC Bank website once before, but totally forgot bringing it up for you guys then.


The card comes with some great benefits to boot, and at an INR 10,000 fee for the first year, and INR 5,000 second year onwards, competes very well in the premium credit card market without pinching the pocket too much. Here are some of the benefits from the HDFC JetPrivilege Diners Black Credit Card:

  • 15 Jet Airways Tier Points for signup & 5 Tier Points for renewal every year: Jet Airways qualifies you for your elite membership upgrade on the basis of tier points you earn every year. After their rejig earlier this year, it is possible to earn more tier-points on every flight you take, but still, to have 15 tier-points as a head start is a great thing I believe. That would make them the first Indian partnership to go live with such a benefit.
  • A free one-way base fare ticket: Like is the usual with all higher-end JetPrivilege co-branded cards, you get a free one-way economy ticket code for domestic travel around India, which is a great reason to have this card.
  • Upto 30,000 JP Miles as sign-up bonus: The new card offers you 15,000 JP Miles on signup and first swipe, and 15,000 JP Miles on spending INR 150,000 within 90 days since card setup. On renewals, you get 10,000 JP Miles after first transaction.
  • Ongoing 8 JP Miles/INR 150 spent with 3x for Jet Airways: While the other Jet co-branded cards at HDFC Bank offer lower number of points on an on-going basis, this one goes head to head with the Jet Airways Amex co-branded credit card. Also, you get 24 JPMiles/INR 150 when you spend on with this card.
  • 1 Tier Point/INR 150,000 spent: The only partnership in India that offers earning of JetPrivilege tier-points on credit card spends is with HDFC Bank. With this card, you get 1 tier-point for INR 150,000 spent.
  • Classic Banking Services: The entry-level premium-banking experience from HDFC Bank, which allows you to get a dedicated Personal Banker, Relationship Pricing and other stuff from HDFC Bank if you have an account.

Unlike the other Jet Airways’ co- branded cards, there is no free option for this one for JetPrivilege Platinum members. I’d jump on this one, but I just signed on for the other Diners Club Black, precisely to earn currencies which I won’t have earned otherwise in India. And I have a healthy balance of JP Miles that I earn every month. The only catch is acceptance for Diners Club cards in India at the moment.

Bottomline:  This is a fantastic product construct, and if you’re in the market for a new super-premium credit card, this could just be the one that you’d like to have.

What do you think about this new card and how many of you are signing up for it?

(H.T. to Raghu)

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  1. Hi Ajay, I have almost all the cobranded cards of Jet like Indus, Amex, ICICI et cetera including diners jet. should I get my diners jet converted to diners black? Kindly let me have your expert opinion.

  2. HDFC Jetpriviledge Diners club Credit Card – I signed up for the card in Jan 2016. Excellent experience with regard to receiving 15 Tier points, 15000 Jet miles on sign up-received within 30 days and additional 15000 Jetmiles after qualifying by spending 1.5 lakh rupees in first 90 days. Received this additional points within 90 days of acheiving threshold ( Though it required some follow up). Got transfer of Jetmiles almost every week which was interesting experience when compared with ICICI supphiro Jetpriviledge Credit card. Getting 8 miles for each 150 rupees is excellent value as reward point. Additionally 1 Tier point for each 1.5 lakh is additional benefit. So after signing up first 1.5 lakh spent overall earned 38000 Jet miles.So effectively 30 paisa/Jetmiles for purchase considering first year fee of 11450 (Including tax) I paid for first year.In second year with renewal fee of 5750 ( With tax) 1.5 lakh spent will fetch 18000 jetmiles ( Conversion rate of 32 paisa/Jetmiles) and that too with 6 Tier points. Further with HDFC smartpay feature 5% cashback on utility bills is further added advantage. Lounge access support is excellent. Overall compared to other credit card I am holding namely Citi Premiermiles, ICICI Jetprivilege Supphiro, AMEX Platinum travel I am getting good punch out of this card and very happy. Only challenge I faced that Back office support team required lot of push, however now they have added up in super premium category support group who is more informed and responsive.Free one way base fare discounted ticket and 3X Jetmiles on booking Jet flight on Jetmiles is further best in class. Acceptance of card is surprisingly accepted on more pos across India than AMEX based my usage in last 5 months. Well designed credit card. Sometimes just wish this one to have further feature like 2 free movie ticket/month same as with ICICI Jetpriviledge Supphiro credit card or AMEX Blockbuster movie programme. I will love to know your experience about this card . Is there any more feature rich credit card available better than this?

  3. Which is the next best card to earn miles and tier points if this is not possible..? HDFC rejected my card despite CIBIL score being above 800 for some card issue I had 2 years ago… 🙁

  4. Dear Ajay,

    Before HDFC Bank, i had the Citibank Jetprivilege Premier Miles (which is now just Premier Miiles card). I had this card since 2008/09 i think. So HDFC was not the first to launch the Co branded HDFC Jetprivilege Credit Card

  5. i got my diners jet card today which i applied three months back. god knows the reason for delay.
    Regarding pin of my choice they told that i have to visit ATM, any other solution.

    • No other solution. Get the OTP generated from Call center or netbanking and visit nearest HDFC ATM. OTP is valid for 15days.

  6. I have applied and got card in 4 days. Then it started with bad experience, my card was not accepted in Crowne Plaza, Doha(they are accepting diners card). I have called customer care and got reply that card will be accepted on HDFC and CITI POS machines. To my surprise, it was not accepted on Delhi Duty Free, (HDFC Machine). Then I wrote a complaint to HDFC.

    Then they came up with reason, that, I have not requested for international transactions enabled. God!!

    My RM told me that now card is accepted on ICICI, HDFC, CITI, JK bank and some other bank.

    If they told me for first time to enable international transactions, when I have complained for first time, my spends would have been more than 1,50,000 rs. by now. 🙁

    Now I am in another trip, this time my hotel is not accepting Diners club. 🙁

    Good part of the card is international lounge access free, unlike priority pass. This is the only reason, I have opted for this card.
    I have already used in Doha, Abu Dhabi. Now waiting for my next visit at Bahrain.

    Apart from starting trouble, I am quite comfortable with card.

    • You need to enable International Transactions. After a lot of frauds happening, the Government had made it mandatory for banks to Disable International Usage unless requested by the cardholders. The usage of the card is not limited to any specific banks POS. Its just that these bank’s POS machines accept diners/discover cards.

      • I forgot at that time that I have to request for enable international transactions.
        My point is when, I called call center, they have not informed/reminded me that.
        And unlike other premium cards HDFC diners card, does not have dedicated call center no. or priority service.

        • Diners Black and Infinia Customers share the same customer care. You can find the number from the HDFC bank infinia card’s website

  7. I am quite new to this so pardon me if its a silly question.
    Can I take this card in my fathers name and link it to my Jet Privilege account?
    Or the name should be same ?

  8. @Manish…

    how did you upgrade your card to Jet Diners?? Kindly let me know the procedure… I also have Jet World Card….


    • @Abdul

      I contacted my RM and she handled the rest. I filled up an upgrade form and they took copy of my PAN card. It took about 3 weeks for receiving the card. Your existing card limit should be greater than 5 lacs for upgrade to go through.

  9. I am thinking to buy this card. I am self employed , is the earning criteria same as mentioned above” 24 lakhs”?… I dont understand what difference the salary makes as long as they make sure its decent and you pay fee in advance anyways ….

    i would like reviews of the card if anybody here is using the same.

      • @Ajay.. Yeah I understand that being in finance sector.
        So whats the criteria if you are self employed .. if its same 24 lakhs then not an issue… if it differs please let me know.. also the card comes in how much time… 2 weeks or more?

  10. I upgraded my Jet World card to Jet Diners and received it last week itself. They are tried to mimic the Citi Prestige welcome box packaging but without the card holder. I was surprised to know that the card is widely accepted (at least in Mumbai) and online too.

    @Ajay do you think it is a good idea to surrender this card after a few months go for Diners Club Black?

  11. So if you spend 150000 within 90 days, you accrue 15k {first swipe}+15k {threshold bonus} + (150000*8/150) {Usual 8 JPMiles per Rs 150 = 38000 JPMiles, or only 30000 JPMiles?

  12. I have applied.. they say first from Pune.. lets see if it gets approved. I am close to gold and trying to achieve platinum with the tier points quickly as have some international travel coming up.

    • Did your card got approved?
      Mine got rejected. Later i came to know the great CIBIL has brought my score down from 835 to 718 reason best known to them. Now fighting out the issue with them ? Any lawyer I want them to take to the court.

  13. As per this news the card is launched in june 15.

    But till today there is no mention of it in upgrade form which is available hdfc web site. Also after submitting information online no one from bank reverted back.

    I am Jetprivilege Gold member and already have ICICI and INDUSIND bank jet airways co branded cards. Can any one suggest how to apply and get this card and whether bank has started issuing this card or not

  14. you asked a question ‘how many of you are signing up for it?’
    i tried signing for a HDFC card a few times in past.but my experience is very bad. i do not have a HDFC bank account, hence no relationship manager, i have most of the leading cards such as Amex,Citi Prestige,Indusind(earler Deutsche) ICICI saphiro etc. on applying on line specificly for Diners black (& this time Diners Jet) i got a call from their local marketing “agency” asking questions in a tone as if i have applied for a job interview and knowing that i am a self employed she loses interest. to my knowledge i don’t think the HDFC cards are only restricted to HDFC account holders & salaried.
    I feel HDFC should have a better marketing team especially for high end cards.

    • Agreed. Hdfc customer service is very poor. I called then to enquire about internationallounge access on diners premium and was told that I need to get my priority pass card for it. They have no clue of diners features.

      For Diners black I was told min monthly salary 3.5 L after saying that the card had been discontinued.

  15. Can we apply online for this card? I can only find a generic credit card application page and when I fill up the first page it tells me I’m eligible for two of their current cards neither of which is this one. Is there a way to bypass this page and apply directly for the Jet Privilege Diners?

  16. hi, here is an excerpt from the 10X TnC :

    Offer valid on HDFC Bank Diners Club retail credit cards with reward points feature. Offer not valid on Corporate, Commercial and business cards or Card with Miles as feature.

    hope it helps.

  17. For the records, Diners Club Credit Cards are now accepted in most of the pos terminals (not just restricted to HDFC Bank terminals) and online payment gateway. The Diners story @ India has changed.

  18. Wow, what a card. Barring some miracle, this will almost certainly replace my Platinum Jet Amex. Anyone know if there are citizenship restrictions to getting cards from HDFC? I have an American passport, but I am a PIO. This led to some difficulty in getting my Amex cards, but eventually they came through. Also, do you need to have a banking account with HDFC to get this card?

  19. How will card work in conjunction with their ongoing offers of 10x rewards with certain merchants? They definitely would not be doling out 80 JP Miles for every 150 R spent.

    • As HDFC does not allow you to keep two cards, I still think Diners Club Black is a better bet overall as those have other conversion partners and reward multipliers (This is a very big deal).

    • I think for such a premium card, they would be handing out 80 JP miles/ 150 INR on those transactions. Thats part of the benefits for paying such an annual fee.

  20. @ashutosh: how do you feel Jet Amex was one of the best premium co-brand cards,
    i didnot find it much useful except their lounge at Delhi Bombay. I was thinking of surrendering it after expiry. I get on Indus jet card around 16 point on Rs.100 spent on weekends at jet site

  21. I’ve been struggling for a while to understand what a tier point is. Is there some good reading material on this somewhere?

    • you get certain points (generally one in regular economy) on each sector travelled and class travelled accordingly you are upgraded to silver gold. details are available on jet airways website

  22. Interesting proposition..
    Additionally, like few premium HDFC Credit Cards & HDFC Diners Card, FCY is 2% as against industry 3.5%.

  23. With the introduction of this card along with all its benefits, the AMEX JET card may now be restructured. So far that was one of the best premium co-brand cards with Jet. Against this, it looks far inferior. Thanks for the post Ajay.

      • @AJ Diners is accepted at most major online retailers, travel sites, dominos and everywhere with a HDFC EDC.

        This is one of the best cards, seems like Indian credit card market is finally learning something about signup bonuses from the US market.

        One point that was missed is that this card gives you silver status for one year, 15 tier points is silver because of 6 month fast track DTR. This is the best USP of the card, no more MRS just because you are 5-15 tier points short of renewal or upgrade.

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