Jet Airways offering 50% off on redemption tickets across India

One of the promotions JetPrivilege launched while I was away was a 50% off on redemption tickets across India, valid for tickets booked and flown between July 15 and September 30, 2015.


This promotion is not valid on redemption tickets booked before July 15, 2015, and essentially requires you to have the complete miles in your account, since you will be debited the full number of miles for booking the ticket, and then 3-4 weeks (after travel date) you get a credit back of 50% of the miles redeemed. The promotion is valid on all the Indian routes of Jet Airways.

This promotion is a great one, and I usually make use of such promotions to make trips I won’t have taken otherwise. But with my calendar for the year already frozen, I couldn’t really find space for this one on my agenda. However, I got my family to book and travel on a couple of tickets when the revenue fares on the sectors they were booked looked a tad bit high and we are now waiting for the miles to be credited back to the accounts.

The T&C can be read on the page of the promotion.

I say this is a very good promotion, and one of those which I could use more often!

Anyone making redemption travel around India using this promotion? Where are you going?

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  1. Spoke to jet helpline. They said YQ charges are not back. It is some technical glitch. But i am surpised they haven’t been able to solve glitch for 2 days.

  2. Traveled on DEL- PNQ on 20 July. 1 seat in Economy and 2 seats in Business. Got 50%credit for Economy reward on 27 Aug. Yet to get credit for Business class tickets.

  3. With great power comes greater responsibility, they say. Though Jet Airways has significantly upped its game in Indian aviation, their Customer Care, I’m sure, would be worse than Air India’s. They have almost religiously defaulted on the 72-hour turnaround time for replying to mails. Even Silver and Gold customers are treated similarly. That being said, this is a good offer; used it for Bangalore-Mumbai-Bangalore tickets, at a time when the cheapest flight was around 3.1-3.3k. I got the miles back in my account after 5 weeks of completion of the trip!

  4. It is a great promotion. Even after 4 weeks of travel date, my miles have not been credited. When I emailed jet, they did not even bother to read the email and just replied back wait for 3-4 weeks. Then I pointed out I had already ‘completed 4 weeks of waiting’ . So then I got an even worse reply, they need to thoroughly investigate this matter!

    So it is a great promotion, if you are up to fighting it out with them for miles to get credited. This was my experience.

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