I got a 90,000 bonus from Hyatt Gold Passport…for getting married!

… at one of their hotels. One of the best promotions, ever!

Stay with me on this one, folks! Starwood and Hyatt have been offering bonuses to wedding parties for a while now. While I wrote about the Starwood promotion many moons ago, the Hyatt promotion was recently refreshed.


The promotion is a global one, and allows you to host your wedding at most Hyatt Hotels and Resorts across the globe, except for a short list of 18 hotels which are not participating. The hotel will contact Hyatt Gold Passport, and basis the minimum commitment you assure them for your spend, you get Hyatt Gold Passport points basis ahead of the event being held, so that you can (perhaps) plan your honeymoon with these points.

Putting that minimum commitment on the contract means you have no way to back off from that number, and hence you should be careful while signing this off. On the flip side, if you commit too less of a minimum spend and then spend much more than that, you have no way of asking for extra points for your spending. You get the following number of points, upto 150,000 Hyatt GP points:

  • Minimum spend $10000: 60,000 HGP points
  • Minimum spend $20000: 90,000 HGP points
  • Minimum spend $30000: 120,000 HGP points
  • Minimum spend $40000: 150,000 HGP points

And since the proof of the pudding lies in eating it, here is the posting entry of the points on my Hyatt GP account.


I’d say that was a great deal to earn 4.5 HGP points per $ spend on stuff I would have anyways spent money on, however not earned points on in another situation.

The current promotion runs till December 31, 2017, which means you are supposed to book the contract and hold your event by the end of 2017 to be able to earn these Hyatt GP points.

Anybody else made use of the Hyatt Weddings promotion? What has been your experience with it?

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  1. @Jeremy – Thank you for the wishes!
    For us the deciding factor when choosing a Park Hyatt was never extra points. Indian weddings can be small but rarely ever slim;) and a small fat Indian wedding needs a service crew that are on top of their toes all the time. Before we nailed down the PH Goa, Ajay and I considered 6 hotels in different cities across India and we visited every single one of them.

    You know that no one can do a better job when the butler waits outside our room with a buggy ready at midnight because he knows that you won’t be able to walk long distance in your heavy wedding dress. You know that staff care for you are looking for someone to feed you water because you have henna on your hands and from no where pops out a hotel staff with a bottle of water.

    After a point of time money stop mattering and service takes over 🙂

  2. Got married at Hyatt Regency Cambridge, MD in March of 2011.

    We received 3 complimentary nights at a selection of high end Hyatt hotels worldwide. We ended up extending our honeymoon in Hawaii by staying at the Grand Hyatt Kauai for those 3 nights.

    Great stay and hospitality from Hyatt, which has gained me as a loyal customer now as a frequent business traveler.

  3. Congrats on your marriage I too recently got married and a year ago when were searching for venues was drawn to hotels as a miles junkie. However I quickly realized just how much more expensive hotels were than other venues especially venues that allowed an outside caterer. We had been really drawn to a Hilton hotel which had a $25k min F&B spend which at their prices and our guest list wasn’t hard to hit. However when looking at tax and 22% service on top it was going to be a minimum $32k. We ended up finding a venue that cost about $2.5k and a caterer (they rarely have mandatory service charges) that allowed us to supply the alcohol. Our total cost on food and beverage and optional tips was around $21k. So we saved approx $10k over a hotel, which was one of the more moderately priced ones in the area since it’s not in DC. Not only that but we had better liquor, more dessert, a cake included, and more appetizers, and I think possibly better food. So I’d advise fellow point addicts to not be blinded by these promos and look around. If you really want a hotel than Hyatt has the best promo easily.

    • @Jeremy, in my case, I was anyways going to need a host hotel of the calibere of the PH Goa or something similar. Having been a frequent guest at this hotel, it only made sense to go with them since we sort of had a better idea of their capabilities as compared to the other hotels in the region.

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