Jet Airways to move hub from Brussels to Amsterdam?

While I am not totally accepting this news as fait accompli just yet, however, James Hogan, the CEO of Etihad Airways has made an announcement at Amsterdam, at the press conference to launch the airline’s Abu Dhabi – Amsterdam route, that Jet Airways will be moving its scissor hub from Brussels to Amsterdam.

Jet Airways, at present has two flights, which operate from Delhi and Mumbai, go into Brussels, and one goes forward to Toronto and the other to Newark. The scissor hub allows passengers to switch in Brussels, and has been in existence since 2007.

In this statement made to Dutch website,  further picked up by the Business Traveller, Hogan said that Schipol would take over the routes which were earlier being serviced by Brussels.

This would be a great move for Jet Airways, because Schipol is a way bigger airport than Brussels, and gets much more traffic and more long-haul routes than Brussels. In terms of travel times, it should not be affecting travel times at all, because the two airports are about a 100 miles apart.


No time tables have been set for this move, and it will be subject to regulatory approvals, but it seems like the logical thing to do, specially with Jet Airways’ cooperation with Etihad, and then Etihad’s cooperation with KLM.

Let’s see how this works out, I’m keeping my eyes peeled. Also because then I don’t have to take the train or the KLM Cityhoppers to reach the Netherlands.

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