Giveaway: Jet Airways’ luggage tag

Hey, its Jet Airways’ 20th and they’ve been extremely kind to be giving away all their frequent and non-frequent flyers 20% miles for their last 20 flights. I’ve been meaning to give away some stuff as well, however, just not been able to lay my hands on it.

Last night, on one of my Jet Airways international flight, I picked up a few of these. Too bad they were not on board the last time I flew Jet Airways international from Brussels to Mumbai.

One Jet Airways’ silicon baggage tag set for one of you who share with me your best travel experience with Jet Airways. Just make sure you’re putting in your correct name and email address in the comments, along with your travel experience and your location.


One of you will receive this luggage tag, after a random drawing of all the entries received till 25 May 2013, 23:59 IST. I’ll ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Happy 20th Jet Airways!

P.S.: I just hope you’d keep it civil below, so bring it on! And while we’re talking freebies, have you checked out the free AwardWallet account you could receive?

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  1. I flew Jet Airways back in 2010 when they operated the JFK-BRU-MAA flights (now discontinued). It was a great flight, expecially because of the 2 hr stop hour in BRU. Usually, when transiting via Europe in LHR or FRA or AMS, there is a 3-4+ hr stop over both ways. In this way, it was great. It was also interesting to see 6 9W A333s parked next to each other in BRU!

    -Vikram (MA,US)

  2. My memorable flight on Jet was BLR-BOM 9W 418 way back on May 7, 2006. It my first itinerary of air travel as well, I still have the boarding pass, check-in and cabin baggage tags. It still reminds me of old BLR airport, check-in process, killing time inside the airport and boarding. As I start to recollect that day, every moment of this trip is just passing like a movie.
    Once boarded I was given a small bottle of welcome drink and wet napkins. I was busy discovering my surroundings, then our flight started, snacks were served till then everything was fine. As soon as the flight started its descent to Mumbai airspace, we were hit by air turbulence, even though it lasted for around 5-6 mins, I was wondering whether its really a bad weather or some technical snag in aircraft, but everyone around me were calm, then I realized it could be a common affair of air travel. After those anxious moments, then came the landing, probably I have never came across such a bad steep descent to runway. After disembarking the aircraft I looked back at it for a moment. My first trip on an aircraft was succeeded and was wishing to be on air for some more time.

    This was my memoir of my Jet experience, it was during days before it was rebranded.

  3. Citibank and Jet airways have parted ways on the CiTI Ultima card as well. This was the numero card in India with fees of 50K a year and platinum status.Please suggest ways to get Platinum with Jet

  4. From reading the blog and entering giveaways like this one, I look forward to my first time on Jet Airways……. using my new tag…… of course!

  5. Few years back HKG-DEL inaugural flight, got upgraded to executive class as most of the aircraft was vacant.
    Though the flight got an hour delayed due to some technical issues, and it kept us sitting inside the plane for more than an hour.
    But whatever happens, a free upgrade is always the best experience.

  6. I flew 9W for the first time in March 2005 on BOM-BDQ-BOM! With the service, warmth etc. I said to myself that this is not a world class airline, its a world class service. I have flown many carriers in the world, but the 9W experience is a part from the rest. The JetKids meal, the free upgrades, amazing lounge access was class! Wishing 9W a Happy 20th Anniversary and many more to come!

  7. Traveled from DEL to HKG and back of the plane was mostly empty. Somehow the flight felt more relaxing with empty seats and some passengers even able to have their own flat bed experience in Economy 😉

  8. BOM-LHR a few years back on 9W, when I was waitlisted on a full flight, on a discounted coach ticket. I didn’t expect to make it, and was making alternate plans, when they called me to the check in desk just as it was about to close and boarding was to start (yes, those days when check ins were open till quite late). They confirmed an upgrade to Premiere. SWEET!

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