Jet Airways changing priority boarding process w.e.f. June 1

Jet Airways has been modifying their boarding process over a period of time, implementing what is a zonewise boarding program. The first prints started to appear on boarding passes late last year if I remember correctly, and at that point of time there was no real insight into how zonewise boarding was going to be implemented. Even till so far, there is no official word on the boarding process on Jet Airways’ website for how zonewise boarding works. However, here is my conclusion:

  • Zone 1: Highest cabin on the plane (Premiere on domestic & international B737 and A330 sectors, and First Class on B77W sectors)
  • Zone 2: Premiere on B77W planes, Forward economy section on other flights
  • Zone 3: Middle Section on economy
  • Zone 4: Backward economy section on the plane

Usually, Jet Airways would let premium cabin passengers board at any point of time, and then start filling the plane from Zone 4 onwards to Zone 2 to make sure the economy section filled up from back to front. All this while, the Platinum, Gold and Priority Advantage passengers would get to board with the premium passengers, given elite status, and allowing for them to get some baggage space ahead of the other non-frequent guests.

Now, JetPrivilege seems to have rolled out a new change to policy, which has been communicated to some members but not others. For instance, I haven’t received the communication but some readers have.


It states:

As per the new boarding process, guests travelling in Economy will be invited to board basis the zone to which their seat belongs.

All JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members when travelling in Economy, will continue to use the Priority lane for boarding upon announcement of their seating zone. Première guests shall continue to board as per their convenience.

The new boarding process will be effective from June 01, 2017.

Err, ok? First and foremost, I don’t see the utility of this change. I don’t even see where this comes from. On a narrowbody plane, there are 12-16 business class passengers and 150 plus economy passengers. So, it is not like the 15-20 frequent flyers are coming in the way of the rest of the premium cabin to board.

Second, implementing it is a total waste of time. Just like the old circular on charging for excess hand baggage which Jet Airways’ never implemented. I can be dead sure Jet Airways will want to implement this new policy, but how would it make the frequent flyers feel who get on a plane ever so often?

I only see sense in frequent flyers boarding ahead, since they know the plane very well, and usually would reach their seat much faster, in turn making it easier for the airline to board passengers quickly and turn around the plane.

Along with the policy to not allow coats in the Business Class closet, this beats me right away about why Jet Airways would need to do a thing like this.

What do you make out of this new policy coming from Jet Airways?

(H.T. to Mayur Khandelwal)


  1. With Jet Airways implementing such policies, loyal Jettist’s are bound to look towards alternate options – Vistara offers a lucrative gold class status to JP Platinum members. I really find it senseless to change the boarding pattern for Platinum members as the platinum & gold members lane is used by everyone. Also, the limited head space over the passenger seat is a challenge as it gets full very frequently and sometimes passengers don’t get the space overhead. Being platinum members this is a little perk, which now seems to be lost. Not accepting coats is an outrageous policy and wonder what is the reason behind that? May be Jet is too full to accommodate passengers and that is their strategy to offload some premium members to other service providers!

  2. From my own experience, zone 2 ends with row number 23 and zone 3 starts with row number 24 on B737-800.

    Again, For serving food on B737-800, they have divided economy into two. First part ends with row number 23 and second part starts with row number 24.

    Pls note that Row 23 and 24 are emergency exit rows on B737-800

  3. This is similar to when I was told last week that they will not take and hang jackets for people in economy. For me this is one of the perks of business airlines during business travel. The whole thinking is in wrong direction for jet airways.

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