Jet Airways to postpone Boeing 787 deliveries

It seems like we won’t have an opportunity to see a new Jet Airways’ product anytime soon. Jet Airways has 10 Boeing 787 planes on order, and initially they had ordered the 787-8’s but later moved to the 787-9’s. As per the Business Standard, they were due to received these planes from 2017 onwards, however, the airline seems to have made a decision to delay deliveries for the time being.

Boeing 787 in Jet Airways colors, image courtesy Boeing

Boeing 787 in Jet Airways colors, image courtesy Boeing

Jet Airways’ is currently receiving some of their 777s back from Etihad Airways, and they are currently deploying these planes on the routes to Dubai, Singapore and Amsterdam. They want to see how this capacity induction plays out before adding more planes to the fleet. Quite frankly, these planes have spent more time outside of Jet Airways’ network than on their own, and I’d love to see Jet Airways make a final call on these planes rather than shuffle them around one more time.

While I am just an armchair analyst, it would have made some sense to start taking deliveries of these planes, and use them to open new routes, since there could be so much more demand opened up for the long and thin routes which the 787 makes possible.

In the meanwhile, I’m sure their part parent Etihad could have taken some of those B787s off their hands for their own growth plans maybe, which is ever increasing.

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  1. Good Info.
    Apart from this 9W also ordered 75 * 737-X MAX ( 25 Existing upgrades & 50 New Aircraft) Series aircraft. Replacing older 737-7/8/9 series aircrafts

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