Last Call: 1200 $ worth stays for free! Globally Valid!

It has been a busy few days around here, and it has been a week full of holidays for people in India. Like you know, we are currently in the midst of celebrating our 5th anniversary.

We’ve partnered with Airbnb to help you explore the world of Airbnb and explore living in unique accommodation around the world amongst the company of locals, across 191 countries. Like, imagine living in a Pub in London.


Or a luxurious houseboat in Kerala


There are tonnes of options out there. The easiest thing to do is to signup on Airbnb, to start exploring. You get a startup credit of USD 15/ INR 1000 or your local currency to get started.

We are also offering an opportunity to win about 1200 dollars / 80,000 Rupees worth of Airbnb credits in our ongoing giveaway. If you would be interested, you just need to head out to this post, tell us about your travel plans and get a shot at winning it. There will be 3 winners, so a lot of people can win. The contest ends on August 20, 2016.

All the best!

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