Reminder: Last few days to book Jet Airways cheap fares (with meals)

Last month, Jet Airways announced that they’ll be discontinuing complimentary meals on Light & Deal family of ticket classes. The change was supposed to come into effect from September 25, 2018, but the airline postponed the move by a few weeks. Now starting, Friday, if you ticket a Deal / Light fare on Jet Airways, no meals will be served to you on flights from October 15, 2018.

jet airways no meals

To refresh your memory, If you book a domestic Jet Airways Deal/Light ticket on or after October 12, 2018, for travel from October 15, 2018, you won’t be getting a meal tray or a snack box on your flight. You can still get a cup of tea or coffee though. If you feel hungry, you’ll be able to buy food and beverages onboard.

Once this plan rolls out, Jet Airways would become the second full-service Indian airline after Vistara to unbundle meals on certain fare classes. I don’t know what kind of hot meals would be on the menu thereafter.

So, if you want a guaranteed meal, book your tickets now!


Jet Airways‘ introduction of meal-less tickets would be a moment keenly be watched by the competition. Why? because a free meal is engrained in the psyche of every Indian who has heard about or flown on any of the full-service carriers. If you are still keen on booking a ticket which includes a meal, hurry, you just have a couple of more days.

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