Jet Airways’ JetPrivilege is down for an upgrade, will we get mobile apps soon?

Beginning 14 August 2012 2200 hours IST throught 20 August 2012 1300 hours, Jet Airways is working on implementing a new CRM platform for their Jet Privilege systems. Hence, all functionality for Jet Privilege will be suspended between these hours and one will not be able to check their balances, or make any award bookings on Jet Airways website ( for the Jet Privilege accounts. Jet Privilege Service Centre will also be accessible with limited information, and any information available with them will be as of 14 August 2012.


Curiously, the update email in this respect arrived 30 minutes before the website was taken down, not giving the members enough of a chance to do any housekeeping activity they would have wanted to complete, or book any awards they would have wanted.

While I am not fully aware of what new functionality to expect after the migration is complete, I am trying to link it with the chat I had with some Jet Airways executives when I visited their maintenance hanger in June. I enquired about the plans to have a mobile application for the iPhone and other platforms, and I was told that it was going to happen soon. Now, mobile technology has been in the works for Jet Airways for a while now, and they’ve mentioned these apps up and coming as a focus area even in their annual reports for the past two years.

However, it never happened so far and I was told that this was due to old systems and interoperability. So, now I hope this will be happening and I will have a fully functional shiny new iPhone app soon for Jet Airways. I also hope the upgrade certificates, right now paper, will go paperless, like discussed with the Jet executives. I am also tempted to link this move to the Jet Airways / Star Alliance talks, but I’ll save that for another time.

I’ll keep you posted on how the systems come back up next week.

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