Jet Airways switches off inflight entertainment on long-haul flights

Jet Airways is currently running on fumes. Around 28 aircraft are still operational out of 110 aircraft. The revised resolution plan, emergency funding and expression of interest have been delayed by lenders led by SBI. But these delays are progressively making the airline harder to operate by the day. So far…

Jet Airways Mumbai lounge

VT-JWV Jet Airways’ A330-200 at Mumbai airport

Now in the latest rounds of cuts, Jet Airways has withdrawn JetScreen, Jet Airways inflight entertainment system. This may be because the vendor hasn’t been paid.

No inflight entertainment system will work on both international as well as domestic flights. As it is Jet Airways doesn’t have WiFi on their aircraft, and now no IFE. This is a new low in passenger experience for the long-haul network: 9 hours on long haul flights without IFE. Sounding more like a long haul LCC flight but with slightly better seats and free meals.

A notice on the Jet Airways website confirms the same.

Jet Airways lounge mumbai

Jet Airways cuts in-flight entertainment service

Lounge Access at Mumbai airport withdrawn for Business Class guests

Last year, Jet Airways was in the unwanted situation of having their guests being turned away from the Mumbai Airport GVK Lounge because of the lounge operator, Mumbai Airport, decided to cut away from Jet Airways after unpaid bills in crores of rupees reportedly. Jet Airways made the decision to limit lounge access only to business class passengers, and withdraw it from all economy class passengers eligible on the basis of status.

Last month, the airline was feeling the pinch even for Business Class passengers. Business Class lounge access was withdrawn at Delhi and Hyderabad airports. Now Jet Airways’ business class passengers are now being denied lounge access at Mumbai Airport. While the cut is confirmed for domestic business class passengers, we cannot confirm if international first-class and business class passengers are also being denied lounge access at Mumbai airport.

Jet Airways lounge mumbai

Jet Airways denies lounge access at Mumbai airport

There are fortunately many other ways to get lounge access at Mumbai Airport Terminal 2. Here are some of the easier ways to get Lounge Access:

Unfortunately, this is very bad news for passengers who are still continuing to fly with the airline. What do you make of the latest cuts to the airline?



  1. Cant pay Bill’s. Terrifying to think what is going down in the plane maintenance department who also will be short of cash.

  2. How do they ever expect to get back any kind of loyalty from their flyers?

    It’s Vistara all the way for me now!!

  3. My colleagues parents flew Bom-Lhr yesterday with no IFE

    Sad to see Jet in this situation : (

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