American Express Hilton Offer: INR 12,000 ($175) statement credit

American Express is just about getting ready for the holiday season at the moment. In this, they partner with all the major hotel chains. The offer for the Hyatt statement credit gets over next week. Last year, they had a promotion with Hilton Hotels. Last week, they announced an offer for Goa stays with The Postcard Hotels and Resorts. Now, it’s time for another American Express Hilton Offer.

American Express Hilton Offer

The new promotion is valid for Hilton Hotel stays paid for by July 31, 2019, and gives you back 20% of your stay value when you spend INR 20,000 in one single booking for your hotel stay. The spread of hotels where you can use the promotion is vast, and you can book hotels in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Mainland China/Hong Kong & South East Asia (Thailand, Singapore) using this promotion.

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In case you have registered already for the ‘Points Unlimited’ promotion that is valid until May 5, 2019, you can also combine the two promotions.

The promotion gets you INR 4,000 cashback on spending INR 20,000 or more at a participating Hilton property. Over 80 hotels are participating. The cashback is valid, amongst others, on the following American Express Cards:

The promotion requires registration and is limited to 10,000 participants, so it is best to register right away using this link. The cashback is per card, so you can register more than one cards for the offer. Spend including incidentals charged to the room will also count. For stays outside India, the amount charged to the card in INR after forex conversion will count. The credit will apply to your card within 5 days or making the spend at the hotel. Again, remember, the promotion needs you to pay up before July 31, so you can stay even later than that date.

Here are a few of the hotels which are participating in this promotion, from our reviews:

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the road this summer to a Hilton of your choice from the list. Just if you are not sure of travelling any sooner to a Hilton property, register for the offer which costs nothing since the offer is applicable on first 10,000 registered card accounts. Just like I did. Whether you travel or not comes next.

Offers like these do justice to the Annual Fee paid on American Express Cards. What is your take? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. This offer is applicable on Jet Amex Platinum Card. I got the email and was able to register. You may update the article.

  2. Quick question, if the total spend for a visit is ~65k then can one split the the expense in 3 swipes for the 3x 4k vouchers?

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