My experience using Jet Airways digital upgrades at the airport

One Jet Privilege Platinum benefit I really love is the 5 flight upgrade vouchers that I receive every year when I requalify. While being able to upgrade myself from economy to Premiere at no additional cost sounds great, there have been times when I’ve wanted the upgrade but forgotten to carry the paper vouchers along.

So, when Jet Airways announced that effective October 12, 2018, upgrade vouchers will become digital and be debited and credited directly in the member’s account, I was happy but also a bit anxious. Often operational process changes require training and have teething problems in the beginning.

Jet Airways flight upgrade process

I had a trip to Singapore coming up and a set of vouchers that were expiring at the month end. I wanted to use the vouchers to upgrade my coach seat to the flatbed on my return from Singapore to Mumbai.

The easiest way to upgrade would have been to use the voucher online, however, the upgrade only gets confirmed if there is the D class inventory available at that time. When I checked 3 days before my departure even though seats in Business Class were still on sale, award seats weren’t available.

Therefore the only option left for me was to try my luck at the airport during check-in. I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the upgrade at the counter in Changi happened.

Jet Airways flight upgrade in Singapore

Jet Airways check-in counters at Changi Terminal 3, Singapore

Once I arrived at the counter to check-in, I requested the agent checking me in, that I wanted to use my vouchers to upgrade to Premiere. When she asked if I was holding any physical vouchers, I reminded her that the process was now digital. She was aware and asked me to wait for a few minutes. She checked the system, told me that there are seats available and asked me for my seat preference. She then advised me that 2 vouchers will be debited from my account, something that I was already aware of.  After the confirmation, I got an OTP on my phone as well my registered email address.

All I had to do was give the OTP and the within 2 mins I had the new boarding pass in my hand. There was also an SMS and an email confirmation to confirm redemption.

Jet Airways flight upgrade confirmation

When I logged into my JP account later the use vouchers show up in the claimed voucher history. Overall my flight upgrade using e-vouchers was a seamless experience.

a screenshot of a computer screen

I’m happy that no longer do I have to remember to carry pieces of paper in my bag for my flight upgrades. I think this makes the process so much simpler as well.

Have you tried using the Jet Airways e-voucher? What has been your experience?


  1. I recently tried using my e-vouchers at check in for a domestic flight.

    The check in agent said that they had a seat available and debited my JP wallet.

    I was informed at the gate that premier was now full and hence I wasn’t able to get upgraded. Unfortunately the debited voucher has not been refunded.

    I have been in touch with the JP team via email for a couple of days now and the unredeemed voucher is still not shown in my account.

    While the concept of e-vouchers seem convenient, the process for refunds need to be streamlined!

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