Jet Airways discontinues 20% online redemption discounts

I’ve held off speculating on this for the longest time but I guess this is no longer in the realm of speculation. A couple of years back, Jet Airways came up with a marvellous proposition to upset everyone who thought the JetPrivilege program was going south. They introduced a 20% off on the number of miles on domestic redemptions, as long as these were made via the website.

They went on to extend this promotion for 6 months at a time, while other airlines such as Singapore Airlines offer an online discount as a permanent feature of their program (at 15% off). It is a good move in a way, because you’re limiting supply to an outer limit of the next 6 months of award inventory, and 9W could then assess whether to extend or to cancel the promotion.

While I was personally hoping that Jet Airways was going to extend the promotion on the last day or last week of the promotion, so far it is gone from the website, and even the mention on the promotions page has been removed, which means, from today onwards, there are no 20% discounts on redeeming JP miles for tickets. There were people who were speculating that this was going to happen when the cancellation of the web check-in bonus happened a few days back. I was still hopeful, but I am now thinking otherwise.

Not just that, the 25% off on Middle-East and ASEAN routes are also gone. Not that I was a big fan of those ones because the fuel surcharge was way too much to compensate.

So, back to paying 10,500 miles for Jet Airways mileage tickets from Mumbai to Delhi here on? Or do you guys think the promo will return? Or this is just an April Fools trick?

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