Deal: Jet Airways Premiere (Domestic) for 6000 Rupees!

The price of business class flying in India is coming down by the day. Back in the day, Jet Airways was selling Business Class flights for INR 2500 onwards, straight up to P class. Jet Airways has also been offering paid upgrades during booking for some time now. So, if flying business class has been on your bucket list you are in luck. There are some excellent Jet Airways business class fares on domestic routes currently available again.

You can fly Jet Airways business class for as little as INR 5999. There are a bunch of domestic routes such as Mumbai-Goa, Delhi-Amritsar or Bengaluru-Hyderabad where I could find low fares. After a couple of searches, I came to the conclusion that these rates are only available on short flights. A Delhi-Mumbai Premiere ticket will still cost you INR 18,000.

Jet Airways business class fares

Jet Airways business class fares

Tickets are now available and you can book these fares into next year. I was able to find seats on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad sector through August 2019. Book on or their mobile app. These fares are showing up on OTAs such as AkbarTravels as well.

So for a little more money, you can experience business class rather than flying coach. Furthermore, if you haven’t booked your tickets for the upcoming festive season, you’ll notice that even economy fares are hovering around the INR 3,000 – 4,000 mark. What would you choose? A decent meal onboard or a little snack box?

Jet Airways business class fares

JetPrivilege members can earn four tier points for every flight as you’ll be booking Premiere Classic fares. A good opportunity to earn or retain elite status. I’m planning to book one flight for some time later in December, that will help me retain my Platinum status.


Jet Airways has a good domestic business class product, and this is a chance to experience it, without paying through your nose. If you are a JetPrivilege member falling short on a few tier points, these fares will be handy for your next tier point run.

Are you planning to make use of these excellent fares for flying out on Business Class?


  1. There is a fare for 10000 INR available for a one way flight from delhi to mumbai on a few times, typically early morning or late night.

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