Jet Airways American Express Platinum Card (Special Offer)

The Jet Airways American Express Platinum card was launched in 2012, and has been a staple fixture in my wallet ever since. This is one card which comes with some great benefits, all of which I’ve used at some point or the other.

The Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Card

JPMiles Earning

The Jet Airways American Express Platinum Card offers the following benefits which are useful for accumulating JPMiles:

  • 8 JPMiles for every Rs. 150 spent except for spend at Fuel, Insurance, Utilities and Cash Transactions, making it 5.33 JPMiles for every Rs. 100 spent.
  • 16 JPMiles for every Rs. 150 spent for booking revenue tickets on, making it 10.66 JPMiles for every Rs. 100 spent.
  • You also get 10,000 JPMiles in the first year towards obtaining the card, and 5,000 JPMiles towards renewing it every year.
  • With a JPMiles Earning Co-branded card, you get to keep your JPMiles alive for 5 years instead of the usual 3 years.

Beyond that, there is a special offer currently being offered, which brings on an added 2,000 JPMiles as well.

Free Economy Class Ticket

Besides, you get a free ticket code per annum, which can be used for a free Jet Airways Economy Flight, to be booked at least 14 days out. These free ticket codes, when used strategically, help me recoup the value of the card in one go.

5% Discount on Jet Airways Economy Tickets

The Card offers 5% discount on Jet Airways Economy Class tickets booked for travel across India or International segments, as long as they are in the following classes: Y, M, T, U, N, L, Q, S, K, H, V, O, W.

Lounge Access at 10 Airports

Delhi Terminal 3 American Express Lounge

Delhi Terminal 3 American Express Lounge

The credit card comes with complimentary access to 13 lounges across 10 airports in India. This includes the Amex Lounge in Delhi, which is my preferred lounge when passing through Terminal 3 in Delhi. The other lounges include:

  • Bengaluru Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic)
  • Bengaluru Plaza Premium Lounge (Transit)
  • Bhubaneswar Mayfair Lounge (Domestic)
  • Chennai Travel Club (Domestic)
  • Cochin Earth Lounge (Domestic)
  • Goa Golden Chariot (Domestic)
  • Hyderabad Plaza Premium (Domestic)
  • Hyderabad Plaza Premium (Transit)
  • Jaipur Club One Class Lounge
  • Kolkata Travel Club (Domestic)
  • Mumbai Travel Club (Domestic Terminal 2)
  • Pune Port Lounge (Domestic)

Dedicated Check-In & Excess Baggage

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card holders qualify for dedicated check-in facility on Jet Airways flights, at 6 airports in India which include Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.


For Excess Baggage, those flying in Premiere get an additional 10 kgs and those flying Economy get an additional 5 kgs over and above their basic baggage allowance on their ticket.

Other Benefits

Other Benefits include offers from Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, as well as a free Priority Pass. Additionally you get Preferred Hotels & Resorts free Elite Tier which is the highest tier in their program.

Fees & Special Offer

Usually, first year offer is 10000 JPMiles, however, with this specific link, you get 12000 JPMiles in the first year. Fees for the first year is INR 5000 + GST


I’ve had this card for over five years and hardly had any issues with this card. The customer care is great, the card benefits, such as visits to the Delhi T3 lounge are very nice as well. Additionally, you frequently receive larger discounts such as 15%-20% on tickets.

Application Link for Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

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  1. Ajay,

    I recently got this Amex card but I struggle to use this card (specially offline) because of low acceptance. Can you please tell me your strategy to maximise its use for offline transactions.

  2. Hey Ajay, I have been waiting forever for your Credit Card Spending strategy for this year. Just a reminder 😉

  3. Dear Ajay

    Many foreign travel, credit card and lounge blogs clearly states that they derive so and so benefits if you apply through their referral program.

    With all respect, why can’t you follow that concept here also.

    Last time, I was little disappointed when I saw the economist offer on this blog, as we could get more JP miles if we apply directly from jet website.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog

    • @Anoop, when we do a revamp of the site, for which we are in a forever long queue with BoardingArea, we would put in more disclosures. To add to that, we are not making any revenue around here so far. As for the economist offer, again, it was a public link and nothing we created. So I am not sure how you get the impression we were benefitting from it. And could you point me to the offer with Jet directly which gives more miles. I’d love to spread the word. Thank you for your consideration and time.

  4. As much as I appreciate your blog and all the info on it, just want to know if you are paid by Jet Airways, since you always go above and beyond to publish info about Jet Airways flights and also seem to support them no matter how horrible their service is.

  5. is there any offer is given to platinum card customers?
    If so, kindly let me know what is the procedure for getting it?

  6. I think the best Jet card would be HDFC Jet World card where we get 10k miles and issued mostly first year free (Smart pay, Bill pay, add on card, etc. need to be active for 3 months). Once we spend over 3 lakhs, then renewal fee is also waived. Has the same benefits of 5 kg extra baggage, dedicated counters, 5 years validity, etc.

  7. AJ,

    Until recently there was an offer where you could get 10K bonus miles if you booked it on JP shopping website. I got mine from there in June.


    • Hi, i too applied under that promo.

      Did you receive the extra 10000 JP miles after payment of first year fees

  8. Hi Ajay,
    Can one link multiple credit cards to the same Jet-privilege account? I already have HDFC Jet Privilege card linked to my JP account.

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