Deal: INR 2500/USD 39 discount for Airbnb stays with Amex

American Express and Airbnb have teamed up for a promotion. When you book your Airbnb stays and pay with your AMEX credit card, you are able to get a flat INR 2,500 discount on your stay through 2017.

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This offer is valid on your first Airbnb booking and open for all AMEX cards issued in India. To avail the instant INR 2,500 discount you must book a stay of minimum INR 10,000. The INR 10k stay must exclude Airbnb’s service and cleaning fees.

This offer is valid for bookings made by September 30, 2017 and the last date of travel should be December  31, 2017. To get the INR 2,500 discount you need to enter the promo code “AMEXIN”, followed by the first 4 digits of your American Express credit card. Additionally, using this link, you get an additional travel credit of INR 1200 which can be adjusted towards your first stay as well.


Our Airbnb cottage in Dublin, Ireland                                                                  


If you have plans later in the year which you’d be able to commit to right now, it is a great time to book those up with this promotion. We have stayed at some really nice Airbnbs in Australia and Ireland where we saved up money by booking through a similar promotion with Citibank.

The good news is that this promotion is valid on Airbnb homes across the globe. So, there are several holidays coming up ahead and now may be a good time to look up a place on Airbnb.

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  1. Good that Amex has some promotions,
    Otherwise, it has a rather Low acceptance in Stores even in Metros…forget the other cities.
    Is my inference correct? for regular use, it is not a very useful card. Do you agree?

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