Imaginary UK airline wants to buy Jet Airways

Jason Unsworth is the founder and CEO of Atmosphere Air, a UK based startup airline. He aims to establish a premium airline group in four different countries: the UK, India, Thailand and U.A.E. The airline company, Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines was set up in 2015 and has been in active negotiations with banks and institutions for raising funds since then. The company is registered but doesn’t have an operating permit.

Jason Unsworth does have previous aviation experience. As per his LinkedIn profile, he took cabin crew training at Ryanair but quit citing a poor job offer. He moved to Servisair as a Passenger service agent at London Stansted. Jason then moved to Swissport as a passenger service agent and later on worked as a passenger service agent at but quit in 2018.

Talking about Atmosphere Air, it has an impressive but inoperative website. It is mentioned that the airline is looking to lease 2 Boeing 777-300ER and 2 737 NG aircraft. There is even a flight schedule published for planned flights between the UK and Thailand. Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines plans to be based out of London Stansted airport.

The founder is quite active on Twitter and is expressing his desire to take over Jet Airways and help restart flight operations as soon as possible.

He even contacted Vinay Dube, CEO of Jet Airways to offer his support and a possible buyout of Jet Airways. He is now asking for contact details of the Chairman of SBI, the largest lender of Jet Airways to put forward his plan and offer his expertise. Those contact details were subsequently supplied to him by Ajay, who worked at SBI at a point of time in his life.

On being questioned about his experience in running an airline, he said he was self-taught and had contacts.

If he was so interested he could have just participated in the bidding process that ended on April 12, 2019. But wait, to participate in the bidding, the following financial obligations were to be met,

The document says the bidder can be a strategic investor having a minimum net worth of Rs 1,000 crore as of FY18, Rs 1,000 crore funds available for investment in an Indian company or asset, and three years of commercial aviation experience. It can also be a financial investor with Rs 2,000 crore assets under management or Rs 1,000 crore funds available for investment in an Indian company or asset. Alternatively, it can be a consortium of not more than three entities with each entity holding a minimum of 15% in the grouping and the leader holding a minimum of 26%.

And that is precisely what Atmosphere Air doesn’t have.

So he even met with investors who are willing to inject USD 215 million. That is one exciting place to meet an investor(s) who is ready to pump millions of dollars.

Heck, this guy even put a hybrid livery if he takes over Jet Airways.

Well, that’s not half bad a livery. But I kind of dig the original Jet Airways livery more. Anyways, have a look at his master plan for Jet Airways which he tweeted a while back.

Jet Airways clarified with BSE that unsolicited email communication was received, but they have asked him to deal with the investment banker on the process. Jason claims to have submitted a letter of intent today. Let’s see how this plays.

He is getting serious now.

This guy wants one thing, publicity and he is getting it.

A piece of advice for Jason, leave Jet Airways alone. Everyone involved has a lot on their hands whether it is the lenders or Jet Airways. And as for funds for your start-up, you can file for an IPO just like USA’s oldest startup airline did, which also never flew, Baltia which is now US Global Airways.  There is extensive coverage on Baltia available over the years and is a compelling case.

What are your thoughts about Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines and their bid for Jet Airways?



  2. Jason Unsworth Who if you’re look at his Twitter has about 25 accounts has also promised to open rescue shelters for dog meat trade victims in China…to help an abused child… he is a scammer. he has been busted at least 2 times claiming to rescue dogs. One pic was from a care2 petition and the other was a stolen pic from Korean Dogs who actually does rescue dogs from the dog meat trade

  3. Great News !!!!!!

    If the Airline 9W take over , at least all staff concern will resume on duty and same will run smoothly as before . the present scenario more staffs are out of job , through Spicejet // Indigo // Air India and Vistara took 10% of the staff out of 20000 staff members .

    The National Carrier and the Private Carrier wants to have the Airline resume their flights . the staff member may get their lost smile back with operations .

  4. The only stupidity here is an approach- to attack someone who want to help
    really unprofessional staff of Jet airways.
    And Jason has plenty of experienced people willing to help him.

  5. Hi Ajay
    Look up Jason Unsworth fraud on Google images. Interesting as not just aviation he has been involved in over the years.

    It is a shame that some play on the thoughts,minds and hopes of hard working people in this industry so it is good to see that with a little effort a lot of information can be seen

    • Come on)- this airline has no management at all)- disaster..
      1.2 billion in debt.
      What are you talking about???

      • Rather than making rather silly ad hominem attacks (on a site about which you really need to do some research) why don’t you prove to us which facts on there are not true?

        We’re waiting, Leo.

        When this plays out you’ll see who the ‘idiots’ are…

  6. This guy has created well over 20+ social media profiles, retweets all his own tweets. Has even created a number of fake Linkedin profiles to spead his propaganda! He never worked at British Airways, didn’t last long as a check in agent, and trained to be a flight attendant, but never made it. If anyone gives this clown money they deserve to be scammed, just look up his name. He is a known scammer. Does he really think that people are just going to hand him money on a platter? Stupid kid.

  7. Hi Ajay,

    This reply is for all those who are criticizing your article.

    Thanks for sharing the post.

    I watched this in news for few minutes. The news channel kept on repeating that UK based Jason Unsworth, owner of Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines has shown interest in Jet Airways and Jet would be in air soon. And then there was TV commercials. I switched the channel.

    If I would have not read your article, I would have not known the complete story.

    Thanks once again. Your blog is one stop destination for me for all that happening in the Indian aviation sector and credit card space.

    Your avid blog reader

    • @Blog Reader, thanks for your appreciation. Just want to add that the capital of his company is just GBP 100, which is about 9000 INR.

  8. Instead of such articles, why can’t we have articles like 10 best biz class seats, 10 best lounges, tips and tricks for award redemption, guides for status matches.
    We are a long way from websites like TPG (The points guy) or OMAAT (one mile at a time).
    We seriously should devote time for such articles rather than this nonsense

      • If I would have travelled as much as you, would definitely would. Right now my exposure is limited to Etihad biz class, Etihad cdg lounge, al reem lounge abu dhabi and Indian lounges.
        I can file in my field reports as i travel.
        Would love to do that

      • Hi Ajay, is the writing position still available? I have quite a lot of trips I could discuss as well as the best way to game status matches and earn status if one doesn’t fly as much. Furthermore, there are a few more ways, other than vistara one may utilise their jet airways status, before the airline likely collapses. With your permission, I may be able to share these ideas with a greater audience for everyone’s benefit.

        • Given the present situation a lot of us are looking at status matches. If possible @Ajay and @Amar please share.

  9. Kaun hai yeh? Why give this guy a post on your site? Not worth it. He is getting even more publicity for free.

  10. My god!
    Why are we even promoting what stupid people have been upto.
    Atleast Oceania Express was sweet and humble enough to ask Qantas CEO for direction!

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