Free Thailand Visa on Arrival through October 2019

Thailand remains one of the most popular destinations for luxury and budget travellers alike. Many people head to Thailand because of the ease of obtaining a Visa on Arrival, without any considerations. Last year, the Thai government decided to waive off the 2000 Thai Baht fee between November and January 2019, in order to boost tourism revenue.Free Thailand Visa

Between November 15, 2018, and January 13, 2019 tourists from 21 countries were exempt from paying the short term Thai Visa on Arrival (VOA) fee. Then, the Thai Government extended the period when you could get a free Visa on Arrival between January 14 to April 30, 2019. The good news now is, that the Thai Government has extended the period when you can get a free Visa on Arrival between May 1 to October 31, 2019. The countries that can get free VOA are:

  • Andora
  • Bulgaria
  • Bhutan
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Ethiopia
  • Fiji
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Maldives
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

These visas are available at 40 immigration checkpoints including international airports such as the ones in Bangkok and Phuket. You can stay in Thailand for a maximum of 15 Days with this Visa. Do note that the short-term VoA cannot be extended. Here is the official circular. Since you won’t be able to decode it, here is the Google Translation.

Getting a short stay Visa on Arrival in Thailand is a breeze. All you need is a return ticket, a recent 4×6 cm photograph, a proof of income. You fill in the VoA form, hand over the fee at the designated counter and you should get your Visa. I’ve done this before and the whole process for me took about 20 minutes.

Thailand continues to be a tourism powerhouse with over 35 million people visiting the country last year. Indian travellers formed a sizable chunk of this number with over 1.2 million Indians arriving in Thailand during the same period. With no-frills carriers like GoAir and IndiGo ramping up capacity and adding new routes, such as the Mumbai-Phuket one, that number should keep growing.


Thailand’s decision to waive off the Visa fee is a good move for tourists and the local tourism industry alike. If you are travelling to Thailand until October 2019, you can save quite a bit of money.

Will you be travelling to Thailand this summer because of the free Visa on Arrival?

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  1. Spicejet airlines shows the Visa on arrival for Indians is free till 20April 2020 . Is it true ?
    Or it was till 31.10.2019

  2. Hai may I know VOA is free in November 2019 . For Indians Plz suggest we r plnng to visit Bangkok any free visa?

  3. I am planning for Thailand Visit in last week of October 2019. For that I have applying evisa for Thiland. However my son is staying in Australia for study. He will also joined with us form Phuket for Thiland tour. He will be coming from Sydney to Phuket. We will meet at Punket Airport. So can I apply for my son evisa for Thiland form India. If Yes, pl. explain the procedure. thanks.

  4. Can I leave thailand on the last day of my Visa on arrival. For example if my Visa expires on 25th, then can I leave on 25th?

  5. is there any need of bill (currency exchange)if they ask us to show how much baht you carrying at the time of visa?WE had exchanged the money without there any problem happens?

  6. Hi
    Is job is compulsory to go to Thailand
    To get Thai visa people need to a service person or normal person who don’t do job he can also go

  7. Is the visa waiver applicable on multiple entry? iam planning to visit cambodia and then reach Bangkok by bus, take return flight from BKK.

  8. Hi,
    I will be reaching Bangkok airport around 4am,and my next flight to krabi is around 7am.
    when is the counter opens for free VOA?
    How long it will take to complete the process?
    Or shall I go for e visa through online by paying VOA amount?

    • VOA is free till Oct 2019.
      if you want to avoid waiting time at VOA counter then apply only, its called EVOA and get it done before you enter to Thailand, this will help you to enter thrw special EVOA line and can finish within 15 min.

  9. Any reference of travel agent or booking website. To get taxi from phuket airport to Krabi hotel ?
    Any recommendations would be highly appreciated,

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the article. I have a question. What if I arrive on Thailand on Oct 31st 2019 and plan to leave Thailand on say 10th Nov 2019 (10 days). Will VOA still be free as my outbound flight from Thailand is in Nov?

    • Once you get the visa stamped on 31-Oct-2019, it will exempted regardless your your outbound journey in November.

  11. I have to planning to going Thailand on 22june 2019. This time visa will be free or chargeable? kindly reply soon

    • its free.

      I am travelling next Month 13th i will land in DMK from Siem Riep Cambodia.

      PS: If any one would like to join.?

    • I came today from Thailand.
      At Phuket Airport, they were charging 200 Baht from all the Chinese and Indians. A compulsory payment inspite being a visa free country.
      When I asked them what was it for they didn’t answer me well, they said its officers discretion/choice. Moreover they didn’t gave any receipt for 200 Baht I paid to them. Although 200 Baht is not a big amount (420 INR). I was sad to witness that corruption prevails in Thailand too.

  12. VISA on Arrival is not completely free. Me and my wife (as well as other passengers) were charged 300thb per Indian passport when we landed in Phuket on 4 June 2019. We were told this is a “service charge” fee. No receipt was also given for such a charge when I asked for one.

      • All passengers that day got conned by government officials? If so, what more can I say. I was asked to pay when they took my passport for stamping at the Visa window — no middle men involved. Perhaps, this is happening after May 1st, when the new window of “free” VOA is open.

    • yes, if VOA done at BKK airport then its free else you have to pay service fee (200 or 300 Baht).

      they waived off 2000 Baht but still people are focusing on 200-300 baht, good!

    • 200 Bhat is charged for express line (this is short que) & it’s free if you choose the regular line. I visited Bangkok on 23rd June.. you might have taken the short que & hence been charges.. Rest I didn’t pay any charges in Bangkok.

      • hi im travelling to krabi from india but my flight had layover of 12 hours in bangkok. i want to checkout bangkok for 4-5 hours before getting back on krabi flight. how about VOA process? will i get visa for entire trip at bangkok or i again have to do some process at krabi. please advise. thanks

        • @megha you can get the Visa at BKK itself. infact, since you have booked flights via BKK, you will first have to get visa at Bangkok only.

  13. Dear Sir,

    my family of 3 wants to go to Japan via Bangkok . While going, we will stay 2 nights in Bangkok and after japan visit of 9 nights we will again come to bangkok for 2 more nights to stay.
    Please clear will VOA exemption in Thialand will workout for us during 2 points of entry in to thialand – First from india and 2nd while from Japan.

    Please clear .

  14. Hi. Im going to thailand on next week on business purpose. How much i need to pay for business visa multiple entries? Somehow i heard the visa is free. Confius..

  15. HI, we are planing on june -2019, can we are eligible free visa on arrival, if yes than why their online application have payment option USD 79 – for VISA ON ARRIVAL.

    ok, and more, if we filled online visa form, than why they saw 2000 bath pay at the time of immigration – shock !!!!

    need a favorable reply

  16. m travelling in end of aug 2019. M i eligible for free VoA as today is last date to apply for free visa (30 april)

  17. m travelling in end of august…can i apply for free visa on arrival today as today (30th april) is last date…
    quick reply is appreciated

    • Visa Validity is 30 days, so apply for in Aug first or second week. You will get the Evisa in 1 or max 2 working days.

    • Hello
      No need to apply visa
      From India, you can go directly & apply visa on arrival on countar

  18. I m from India I want to travel in May month. Can you plz tell me. Is there any extension for VOA free… We are many people wants to travel in May month so plz extend the VOA free the date till june2019..

  19. can u extend on arrival free visa in may and june month..May and june month is holiday season so every one wants to travel summer trip to bangkok…

  20. Hi. I’m visiting phuket on 23rd May to 31st May. Is there a way i can save on visa by booking Visa in April ? Pls guide.. I’m new to this

  21. I m going to thailand on 30th april 2019 & returning on 6th may 2019, m i eligible for free VOA, as i m there till 6 may?

  22. I am from India. As ON ARRIVAL for Thailand is free till 30th April 2019. We just wanted to know if the date would be extended .

    • I am from India. As ON ARRIVAL VISA for Thailand is free till 30th April 2019. We just wanted to know if the date would be extended .

  23. Hi

    Can you please suggest me that my passport will expire in july month and im travelling in april month, so it will be safe and will be allowed to us?

  24. Can this initial 15-days VoA be converted into work permit in Bangkok? I have a job offer but I wish to take advantage of the visa fee exemption.

  25. Can we apply for a free E visa, so that we can take our visa and avoid the hassle of standing in the long Que.

      • Hi Ajay, is this processing fee of 600 THB waived off if we get visa on arrival at the airport instead of getting evisa or do we still have to pay processing fee at the airport?

        • @Vanya, if you go and stand in the queue and get the Visa done, you are good to go without having to pay any fee at all.

  26. Hi!
    I have a small issue related to VOA: I made a mistake in calculating the 15 days that are permitted with visa-on-arrival. I arrive in Bangkok on the 1st of April and have a return ticket on the 16th of April. It’s now too late to get a tourist visa for 30 days. Any advice/tips on what to do? Will I be permitted into the country?

    I am from Latvia if it helps.

  27. Hi.
    I am going to Thailand on 26th April and coming back on 2nd of May 2k19. Do i need to pay for visa or i’ll qualify for visa exemption criteria??

  28. can we get free E visa, so that we can take our visa and avoid the hassle of standing in the long line.

  29. Hi, Thanks for sharing this information!
    I’m travelling abroad first time, what all the documents do we carry to get Visa in Phuket airport? Apart from passport size photos?


  30. Hi,i am planning to enter thailand on the 17th Of March 2019 until the 2nd if May 2019,am i entitled to a free VOA? Since i am from Mauritius

  31. I just applied for the E-Visa on their website by paying the required fees. I hope they will come forward and make a refund.

  32. Hi,
    VFS global and Thai embassy in India is saying that there is no official information regarding this.. I have to visit Thailand on 31st Jan. How can I confirm this?

  33. This is great news, thanks for sharing. Hope we see new routes to Thailand from Indian carriers.
    Do you know if there are any bilaterals with Thailand and how many seats Indian carriers are entitled to?

  34. VOA queues at BKK airport at horrible at times and take minimum of 30 mins and maximum upto 2 hours. However over the years I’ve found the following tricks.

    Trick # 1 – If you are reaching when a lot of flights from China, India, DXB, AUH arrive it’s better to pay 200 THB for fasttrack VOA (counters for which are towards the left of the regular VOA counters).

    Trick # 2 – try to be seated at the front rows, use the loo on the aircraft before you deplane and make a dash towards the VOA counters as soon as you land. Dont waste time filling up the VOA form. Get in the queue and then fill in your form.

  35. This is a mixed bag for me!
    After hearing horror stories of long queues for VOA, I decided to apply from the Mumbai embassy via VFS on 10th Jan! Now waiting to see if VFS refunds the money!

  36. I recently went there. They don’t ask for income proof. Just form with photo, and return ticket copy. It’s better to take the photo otherwise you will pay much more at airport to get clicked for photo

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