ITC Hotels Offers 100% Credit on your stays as F&B and Spa Credits till March 2021

One of the premier homegrown chains of India, ITC Hotels, is offering a fantastic, no conditions promotion which looks very tempting. ITC Hotels is asking for you to book a stay with them and receive the full amount as hotel credits that can be instantly redeemed during your stay, towards F&B, spa treatments & more as a part of the new ITC Hotels Offers launched recently.

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ITC Hotels Offers 100% Back

The ITC Hotels offer is inclusive of accommodation and hotel credits equivalent to booking amount (excluding the taxes). The offer is valid at all participating hotels, and valid for bookings and stay till March 31, 2021. The minimum stay length is One Night for this offer to be encashed. Club ITC members will get up to 10% discount as compared to other members. 

The reservation includes stay for up to 2 Children (under 12 years) in the same room. Guest/child above the age of 12 years and till the age of 18 years will be considered as an extra occupant at an additional charge. Extra bed would be available at an additional cost & applicable taxes. The request for same can be placed in the Additional Requests box in ‘’Preferences’’.

The hotel credits can be utilized against Food, Soft beverages, Liquor, Spa, Salon, Laundry (including dry-cleaning), Room Upgrade, Extra bed, Extra occupant, Business centre, Hotel owned car usage, Wifi and Recreational Activities where third party payment is not involved. • Hotel credits cannot be utilised against third party payments, ITH car transfers, Gift hampers/vouchers, Fabelle, Business & Banqueting spends, Tobacco, Tips/gratuities and any other goods/services chargeable @ 28% GST. All extra services & amenities not part of this offer will be on an additional charge.

Since the package includes multiple products & services, the tax would be applicable at the rate of 18%. All Hotel credits will have to be utilised during the same stay only and cannot be en-cashed. Bills paid directly at any outlet cannot be later adjusted against credits at the time of check-out.

Not just that, while ITC Hotels will ask for a deposit for this offer, they are offering you the ability to cancel without any charges. While the omnibus declaration says up to 24 hours out, each hotel seems to have its policy. For instance, ITC Grand Goa states up to 3 days out free cancellation till December 30, 2021, and from there on seven days out free cancellation.

Update: Here is the list of properties participating in this offer.

  • ITC Maurya
  • ITC Mughal
  • ITC Rajputana
  • Sheraton New Delhi
  • ITC Grand Chola
  • ITC Kohenur
  • ITC Kakatiya
  • ITC Gardenia
  • ITC Windsor
  • ITC Maratha
  • ITC Grand Central
  • ITC Grand Goa
  • ITC Royal Bengal
  • ITC Sonar
  • Welcomhotel Vadodara
  • Welcomhotel Dwarka
  • Welcomhotel Bengaluru
  • Welcomhotel Chennai
  • Welcomhotel Coimbatore
  • Welcomhotel Amritsar

Take a look at this offer for ITC Grand Goa. It is cheaper than the other rates but does not include breakfast, which means you’d have to pay for breakfast.

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As you know some hotels of ITC Hotels group also participate in the Luxury Collection of Marriott. This offer is not available for booking via Marriott.

Update 2: It seems there is another promotion by ITC Hotels offering rooms at half the usual room rate even for a flexible cancellation policy, which comes in at half the cost of this promotion. Do you own due diligence while booking.


ITC Hotels is offering a very generous promotion where they are putting up the base cost of your stay as equivalent credit for the consumption through your stay. The 100% back Member offer is one of the best yet from ITC Hotels and is an excellent way for ITC to attract guests back into their fold in the wake of CoVid-19. You can book and stay by March 31, 2021.

What do you make of the new ITC Hotels offers which promise guests a 100% credit for their stay (ex-taxes)?

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  1. Ajay, as a long time reader of your blog, I think it is in bad taste to see your comments being riddled with sarcasm. As far as there is no hate messages or trolling, I don’t see why we aren’t open to a different kind of view. Especially so for a website as this which is also trying to make money off people who “waltz in” every day.

    • @Karthik, when there is a counterpoint, we encourage people to reason it out. When the post was written up, this new offer where there is some sort of a flash sale happening at 50% off did not exist, as you can also see from my screenshot above. The first comments just said it was a bad offer, not offering an explanation of why. The second one said it was a scam. You should see the choice of words we receive every day, without reason.

      We are open to a different point of view, and hence the comment was posted as-is. I appreciate Pratik read my counter and then explained his thought process. We subsequently added an update to the post basis this feedback.

      Moderating comment is a lot of work and for websites such as ours, to foster a community and an open discussion also means we sometimes ask for an explanation of why people think the way they do. The only “moderation” we really try and do, is to clean up private contact details when someone wants to post their phone numbers in public because we don’t encourage that. You should really see some of the posts out there where people are helping other people get somewhere, get visas issued during the pandemic and so on.

      At the end of the day, we are trying to put up useful information here, which is different than some other websites whose content is one-way. We know our responsibilities and we know we walk a fine line every day.

      Trust that helps you understand where we come from.

      • @Ajay, I appreciate your reply. I do understand that there is more to it than what meets the readers eye, and that the work of moderating the forum is something which is gruelling to anyone. My post was specifically aimed at that particular isolated comment.

        Cheers, and hoping the job of a moderator becomes better (easier) with time.

        • @Karthik, the best way would be to just shut down the comments section a la some other websites. Unfortunately, that is not on our roadmap just yet! 😉

          • @Ajay, apologies for my comment as I was also not aware that the Update 2 offer did not exist at the time when you published this article. Thanks for the clarification and updating the article.

            @Karthik, not sure what you mean by “why we aren’t open to a different kind of view”. The offer is good (assuming update 2 offer did not exist) but becomes a bad offer as soon as a flash sale is announced by the Hotel. So, given the same parameters, the offer would be either good/ bad for all or in most cases atleast. Let me know if I am missing something.

  2. ITC WelcomeHotwl Bengaluru-

    Normal rate Rs 1,998Per Night

    100 % Back: Member offer Rs 5,939 Per Night

  3. This offer from ITC looks more like a scam. Never expected ITC to indulge in such marketing gimmicks.

    Checked ITC Maratha, Mumbai for Dec 8-9. The regular room rate for executive club room without this offer is INR 3675 while the same room for the same dates and same number of people with this offer costs INR 7999.

    Basically, they are making you pay for the credits and then offering free credits.


    • That is a special price for Doctors (medical practitioners) on presentation of Medical Council Of India Registration Certificate or an equivalent institutional ID / Certificate. Includes breakfast, 50% savings on food and select beverages & more.

  4. Click bait Title and conveniently disguised the base room rate… this offer is not 30% as good as projected in the article

    • @Pratik thanks for waltzing in and educating us all. Now how about you also throw in some insights on why is this article not 30% as good as projected?

      • Ajay, Thanks for taking time to read the comment. The limited point I am trying to make is reading the article, it gives me an impression that whatever I pay, I’ll get equivalent credit for FnB, spa, etc., however, what is not coming out clearly is that I need to pay almost 110-120% extra on my room rent to get such benefit (read comment from @Varun above), which reduces the overall benefit to around 40%. Considering, we all have good rewards card (infact Zomato Edition also gives 10% dining), the value of the same reduces further.

        Appreciate your efforts for putting up the article and maintaining the blog. Thanks

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