IndiGo’s massive expansion out of Mumbai and Delhi Terminal 2

A few slots held by Jet Airways at Mumbai Airport have been temporarily re-distributed among other airlines. Vistara and AirAsia India were the first to add flights from Mumbai. SpiceJet was next, they added a handful of flights only since they are currently dealing with MAX groundings. Next in line was IndiGo which announced additional flights from Mumbai Terminal 2.

This meant that Mumbai was the second airport after Delhi where IndiGo has split domestic operations. IndiGo even went on to add a couple of international flights out of Mumbai and Delhi. At that, time IndiGo had hinted at further expansion from Mumbai and Delhi.

IndiGo Mumbai Terminal 2

VT-IUA, IndiGo’s first A321neo at Goa airport

IndiGo has announced more addition of flights from Mumbai and Delhi Terminal 2. This is entirely a domestic capacity addition. From Mumbai Terminal 2, IndiGo will further expand operations domestically by adding the following flights from May 5, 2019.

Mumbai – Bhopal

6E5301 BOM0615 – 0800BHO 320 D
6E5302 BHO0840 – 1010BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Ahmedabad

6E5303 BOM1045 – 1200AMD 320 x7
6E5304 AMD1230 – 1345BOM 320 x7

Mumbai – Indore

6E5305 BOM1600 – 1730IDR 320 D
6E5306 IDR1810 – 1945BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Chennai

6E5307 BOM2035 – 2255MAA 320 D
6E5309 MAA0715 – 0920BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Kochi

6E5311 BOM0955 – 1205COK 320 D
6E5312 COK1235 – 1445BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Amritsar

6E5313 BOM1550 – 1830ATQ 320 D
6E5314 ATQ1915 – 2145BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Ranchi

6E5315 BOM0535 – 0800IXR 320 D
6E5316 IXR0845 – 1110BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Lucknow

6E5317 BOM1250 – 1520LKO 320 D
6E5318 LKO1550 – 1810BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Coimbatore

6E5321 BOM1855 – 2100CJB 320 D
6E5322 CJB2130 – 2330BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Bengaluru

6E5386 BOM0535 – 0720BLR 320 D
6E5387 BLR0835 – 1025BOM 320 D

Mumbai – Goa

IndiGo will launch an additional frequency on this route from May 12, 2019, with the following schedule,

6E5303 BOM1045 – 1150GOI 320 7
6E5304 GOI1220 – 1345BOM 320 7

In addition, IndiGo will launch the following flights from Delhi Terminal 2 from May 10, 2019,

Delhi – Nagpur

6E2017 DEL0705 – 0845NAG 320 D
6E2018 NAG0915 – 1055DEL 320 D

Delhi – Kolkata

6E2019 DEL1130 – 1335CCU 320 x37
6E2021 CCU1405 – 1635DEL 320 x37

Delhi – Bhubaneshwar

6E2019 DEL1130 – 1340BBI 320 37
6E2021 BBI1410 – 1635DEL 320 37

Delhi – Bhopal

6E2022 DEL1720 – 1850BHO 320 D
6E2023 BHO1920 – 2050DEL 320 D

From May 15, 2019, IndiGo will add the following flights,

Delhi – Varanasi

6E2024 DEL0610 – 0740VNS 320 D
6E2025 VNS0820 – 0950DEL 320 D

Delhi – Chennai

6E2028 DEL1455 – 1745MAA 320 D
6E2029 MAA1815 – 2120DEL 320 D

From May 20, 2019, IndiGo will add the following flights,

Delhi – Bengaluru

6E2031 DEL0710 – 1000BLR 320 D
6E2032 BLR1100 – 1345DEL 320 D

Delhi – Bengaluru

6E2033 DEL1425 – 1715BLR 320 D
6E2034 BLR1745 – 2030DEL 320 D

Remember 6E53XX series flights arrive and depart from Mumbai Terminal 2. 6E 2XXX series flights arrive and depart from Delhi Terminal 2. These flights are temporary additions as slots are only transferred on a temporary basis for now and most of these flights are bookable till July 15, 2019.

IndiGo was taking deliveries of new A320neo and had even taken delivery of a couple of second-hand A320ceo. Reports are suggesting that IndiGo has inducted around 100 pilots from Jet Airways which will help them solve their pilot crisis.

What do you think of the new capacity addition by IndiGo in the days ahead, which will continue to help them being the biggest player in the market? 


  1. This flight still not added?? 6E5303 BOM1045 – 1150GOI 320 7
    6E5304 GOI1220 – 1345BOM 320 7

  2. Are these flights really temporary.
    What if Jet air is not revived , will these flights not become permanent in that case?

  3. Where was Air India while all these slots were being re-distributed? Haven’t heard of them launching new route except BOM-CMB.

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