100% bonus on IHG points purchases!

IHG Rewards Club is back with yet another IHG points purchase promo. This time you can earn up to a bonus of up to 100% when you buy points through October 31, 2018. Buy even more points than before thanks to enhanced buying limits.

IHG points purchase promo October 2018

Firstly, it looks like not everyone can get the 100% bonus rate. The maximum I could get was 80% while Ajay was eligible for the whole 100%. The number of bonus points you earn is also determined by how many points you purchase. In Ajay’s case, he gets 2X points only when he buys 30,000 points or more. For 5000-19000 points he gets a 40% bonus while 20,000-29,000 points get him 60% more. So login to see your tiers.

IHG points purchase promo October 2018

Previously, you could buy only up to 60,000 points (excluding bonuses) in a year. For this promotion, the figure has been bumped up to 1,00,000 points/year. That means if you max out this promotion, you can get 2,00,000 points for just USD 1,000. That puts the purchase value of a point at USD 0.005.

Want even more value? How about using this bonus in tandem with IHG’s PointsBreak promotion? Here, you pay half the points for a select group of hotels. And this time, there are eleven InterContinental Hotels on the list.

For example, the InterContinental Sao Paulo in Brazil is consistently priced around USD 300/night around this time of the year. This property is currently part of the PointsBreaks promotion and available for 15,000 points/night which effectively works out to USD 75/night. That’s a 75% saving right there.

IHG points purchase promo


IHG Reward Club’s purchase bonus promotions are an excellent opportunity to pick up points for the cheap. But don’t just go about buying them for the heck of it. Set a goal and evaluate whether the price you are paying for the points is worth it or not. And if you are falling short on points for your next big redemption, go ahead buy some now!

Will you be buying IHG Rewards Club points with this promotion? Let us know.


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