100% bonus on IHG points purchases!

For the second month in a row this year, there is an IHG Rewards Club points purchase promo which gets you 2X points for the same price through November 30, 2018.

IHG points purchase promo

Like many IHG Rewards Club points purchase promotion, you’ll have a customized offer. In my case, I have to buy a minimum of 5,000 points to get the 100% bonus. But at the same time, the price you pay varies. If I were to buy anything less than 26,000 points, I’ll be paying USD 13.75/1000 points (before bonus). After that, the price goes down to USD 10/1000 points which works out to 0.5 cents/point. The maximum points that I can purchase are capped at 1,00,000. Log in to your account to see your offer.

IHG points purchase promo

IHG points per se can get some great deals out there. But you are better off redeeming points with the IHG PointsBreak promotion, where you can book hotels for discounted redemption rates. I’m expecting IHG to put out their new list of properties bookable under PointsBreak around November 30, 2018.

Even without other promotions, you can get good deals on hotel bookings. Look at the InterContinental Cartagena de Indias for example. This hotel in Colombia is would usually cost you upwards of USD 210 + taxes/night. But you can bring this number down to USD 175/night by burning 35,000 points that you purchased during this promotion. That’s a saving of 25% there.

a screenshot of a hotelBottomline

IHG has become fairly regular with their 100% bonus points promotion. Hence, if you missed picking up points during the previous promotions, this is your chance. At the same time, avoid buying points for the heck of it. It is good practice to first figure out whether or not does purchasing points help you achieve your travel goals for less. If you are falling short of a few points for your dream redemption, go ahead and buy some points.

Will you be buying IHG Rewards Club points with this promotion? Let us know.

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