Up to 40% bonus on Hyatt points purchases!

For the second time this year, World of Hyatt is running a promotion where you can earn bonus points when you buy points. Just like last time, the Hyatt points purchase bonus limit is set at 40% which is usually the best point purchase promotion that Hyatt offers.

hyatt points purchase bonus

To avail this bonus you’d have to purchase a minimum number of point on their website through November 27, 2018. This minimum varies from person to person. The usual number is 10,000 points but this time around, my minimum was set at just 5,000 points. Hyatt allows you to buy a maximum of 55,000 points in a year. That means you can another 22,000 points if you max your purchase limit during this promotion.

You pay $1,320 for 55,000 points which translates into 2.4 cents/point. With the 40% bonus, the cost drops to around 1.7 cents/point. Buying points even at these rates make sense when the cost of the points is lower than the usual rate at the hotel.

Though the Park Hyatt Goa is no more, there are still some amazing properties around the world where you can get some great value. Take the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa for example. A night there would easily cost you upwards of $1,000 during peak season. But the same property can be booked for 25,000 points/night. At 1.7 cents a point, that works out to $425. That’s a 60% saving right there!

hyatt points purchase bonus
Closer home, you can redeem 12,000 points/night at the Grand Hyatt Goa which priced upwards of INR 17,000. Also, remember that you save the 28% GST that you’d have normally paid if booking via cash instead of points.

a screenshot of a hotel


World of Hyatt’s new bonus promotion is a good opportunity to pick up points for cheap. But don’t just go about buying them for the heck of it. Set a goal and evaluate whether the price you are paying for the points is worth it or not.  And if you are falling short on points for your next big redemption, go ahead buy some.

Will you be buying World of Hyatt points with this promotion? Let us know.

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