Oasis leaving Hyatt partnership

After Airbnb disrupted the world of travel, the hospitality world too wanted a piece of the action in the home rentals market. Marriott launched the Tribute portfolio of curated homes while Hyatt invested in Oasis, a serviced home rentals platform. And just after a year, the Hyatt – Oasis partnership has come to an end.

hyatt oasis partnership

Hyatt had brought in Oasis’ properties under their Unbound Collection umbrella. You could book curated properties in over twenty destinations worldwide. World of Hyatt members could earn and burn points at these properties like any other Hyatt hotel or resort.

A couple of days ago, Vacasa, a vacation home rentals company took control of Oasis Collections, including the shares that Hyatt owned in the company. One of the first things they did after, was to close out the Hyatt affiliation. The partnership essentially lasted a little more than a year.

If you have upcoming award nights at any Oasis’ property, don’t worry. Your bookings are still valid. Also, if you have made reservations before October 2, 2018, you’ll still earn World of Hyatt points and elite qualifying nights.


This recent move just shows how diverse the hospitality business is. While Hyatt is an established player in the hotel space, the house rentals market is a completely different ball game. While this shrinks the number of opportunities to earn and burn Hyatt points, don’t forget there are another 600 properties from the SLH portfolio where you will be able to earn and redeem World of Hyatt points very soon.

Have you stayed at any of Oasis’ properties? How was your experience? 


  1. This isn’t surprising at all. Oasis wasn’t too organized. I have property owner friends that were managed by Oasis and they would tell me stories of not being paid even after a while after the guest checked in. I believe some of their offices have folded or closed.

    Hyatt should have done more due diligence before investing in this company.

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