How to use the Jet Airways upgrade voucher online?

A few days ago Jet Airways/JetPrivileged moved digital upgrade vouchers. Starting October 12, 2018, physical vouchers became invalid and have been re-issues as e-vouchers. I had a bunch of JetPrivilege Platinum vouchers, and I wanted to use one for my upcoming trip. So I also thought it was a good idea to do it now, to check out how the new system works. Here is how you can use your Jet Airways upgrade voucher online.

Firstly your upgrade eligibility will depend on your JetPrivilege status and your fare class. On domestic flights, JetPrivilege Platinum members can use their voucher on all fare classes except Light fares. Everyone else has to book Saver or above.

Jet Airways upgrade voucher online

As this is the festive season, the cheapest tickets I could get was of the Classic fare class.

I started off by logging into my JetPrivilege account to first see whether the new digital vouchers have been added to my account or not. They are available under the “My Wallet” section.

Jet Airways upgrade voucher online

As everything was in place, I clicked on “Redeem Upgrade Voucher” which redirected me to the Jet Airways website.

Jet Airways upgrade voucher online

The clickthrough brought me to the “Manage Bookings” page, so you don’t actually need to login to your JetPrivilege account to get here. Enter your travel details on this page.


Once in, you’ll see your travel details along with frequent flyer credentials and personal information. Select the “Upgrade Booking” option which you’ll find in the lower right corner.

A pop-up appears asking you about how you’d like to upgrade. You can choose to use cash, JPMiles, or in this case, an upgrade voucher. And when you select to use your upgrade vouchers, you’ll be asked to enter your JetPrivilege credentials. If you’re not a JetPrivilege member and have received a voucher from a family member or friend, enter the mobile number and email address to which the voucher has been linked to.

Next, you’ll see all the flights on which upgrades are available. Currently, there were none available for my inbound flight which I was keen on upgrading but I managed to upgrade my outbound flight.

If any of your flights are upgradable, pick your desired flight and proceed. You’ll then be prompted to generate an OTP which you’d have to enter to confirm the request.

A few seconds later you should receive a confirmation about your upgrade and almost simultaneously,  the new e-ticket arrives in your e-mail. I waited for a couple of minutes but did not receive the email. I did the next best thing and pulled out a copy of the e-ticket from Everything looked perfect. I now had a confirmed upgrade.


Using the new Jet Airways online voucher upgrade system was a breeze. It took me less than two minutes to get from start to finish. At the same time, the process isn’t perfect yet. I’m yet to receive the original email and I’ve heard that other folks are also facing some IT hiccups. It is still early days and I can only guess Jet Airways will fix these problems soon.

Have you tried the new online Jet Airways voucher upgrade? How was your experience?


  1. Dear Ajay,

    Just a quick question. The primary member is a platinum member and his family members are not platinum. If a ticket is booked on the International sector under V/H class then can all the travelling members be upgraded using vouchers? Also what is maximum number of seats available for upgrade using vouchers On International Sector like Mumbai – London.

    • @Jaydeep, voucher upgrades are done on the basis of the member’s status, not on the basis of the Platinum status of the voucher holder. So, rules apply on the basis of who is flying and not who is giving the voucher.

      • Dear Ajay,

        Sorry for not clarifying earlier. I am travelling and I am platinum member. But my family is not platinum. Can I use my vouchers to upgrade all of them or only I would be eligible.

    • Hi Ajay,
      I am a Blue Plus member and I have a upgrade voucher. I booked the Economy Classic fare. I’ll be flying to Delhi from Pune on 18th November and today ( 4th November) I tried to upgrade my booking, it says “Technical Error:Tier Invalid” is there something wrong I did here?

      • I am experiencing the same thing while trying to apply my platinum upgrade voucher on a blue plus ticket of a friend (Classic category K) in Delhi-Mumbai Sector for this month. What could be the possible reason? Does this means Jet airways withdraw the upgrade as well??

  2. Yup – tried this earlier today and the process works like a charm. Even got the revised ticket on email instantaneously.
    Only thing I would want is to have a confirmation page before the actual upgrade happens – in my case I just wanted to check how the process goes but it actually just went ahead and upgraded. Not that I am complaining but still.

  3. How do you get hold of these upgrade vouchers.. Are there any credit cards which offer these complimentary vouchers???

    • I wish.
      They are issued to members on reaching/renewal of silver/gold/platinum tier.

      I have one upgrade voucher but really need one more as want to upgrade the flight for my brother in law from Dubai.

      And I doubt I will be able to get that. So would use this voucher locally mostly :/

      • True.

        Though of course will depend from person to person but if someone is eligible for diners black/diners jet, I feel 99% would go for former considering the advantages.

          • Really?

            From what I understood, HDFC is very strict in this regards. Except to employees, they don’t issue 2 credit cards.

            Any chance you can share how you got it? I mean RM recommendation or something else?

          • @ajay, if you have any details on this too, would love to know…would really love both cards tbh. Just applied to diners black and expecting it to get approved and delivered within next month

              • Understood that. My query was more on how to get that approved.

                I asked couple of times and been told that only HDFC employees can get 2 credit card.

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