How to renew Air India Flying Returns Miles for 30 paise this weekend!

Air India Flying Returns miles expire end of the month, 3 years after they are earned. However, Air India gives people an opportunity to renew their miles for use as well. Back in the day, I had my Air India miles expire and I was able to get them renewed at INR .10 per mile by going at the Air India office.

However, AI raised the prices of renewal of miles to INR 0.6 in 2015. Last year, in December, they launched a limited time promotion for the whole of 2018, where members could renew their miles for a period of 3 months at INR 0.3 per mile, during the month of their birth. They also made it easier for people to be able to renew their miles on the phone.

how to renew air india flying returns

Air India Mileage Revival Offer

Now, there is a new promotion that they have launched only through June 10, 2018, where members will be able to renew their miles at a discounted rate of INR 0.3 per mile on the phone by June 10.

Under the new promotion, you need to call Air India through the rest of this weekend and renew your miles, complete the payment for these miles and you could use them for the next 3 months all over again. It helps if you have a trip coming up and you know you are short on miles, you could use the Air India promotion to renew them.

Remember, you need to have a verified account with Air India before you can go for this step.

It is a good idea to renew your miles if you know you would be able to redeem them in the next 3 months. Otherwise, these opportunities will keep coming and you could use one when it fits your timeline of redemption.

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  1. Hi ajay,
    I had 3lakh miles on air india converted through sbi air india card air in january 2019 without any itimation now they say these miles are valid for just 1 year and not like the miles earned by flying forn36 months is it possible.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    Thanks for information. I have a query. If i revive my expired points @INR 0.3/mile with the validity of three months, Can i redeem those points to buy the ticket for journey date extended to six months or more. For example, if i revive points on 1st Oct,2018, it will be valid till 1st Jan, 2018. If i book ticket in Dec,18 for my journey date in June’18, Can those revived points can be used? Or journey need to be performed within three months of revival of points?



  3. Hi Ajay,

    Can you help if it’s worth upgrading to business class on Mumbai-Goa on Air India. I am wary if the A319/A321 on this route have the real business class seats or just the fake business class with economy seats having an empty seat in the midst! I wouldn’t want to upgrade and repent later!

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