New, devalued HDFC Smartbuy 10X Points promotion for June 2019

The HDFC Bank 10X Reward Points for the Smartbuy programme were rumoured to be over in March 2019, and instead, a new 5X Rewards Points programme was implemented for a very brief moment. Then, the 10X Rewards programme was brought back for April 2019 and then renewed for May 2019.

Now, historically, HDFC Bank always does a filler one-month promotion at the turn of the financial year, which is perhaps what we saw launched the last couple of months. Last night, I wrote about the 10X promotion which turned up on the Diners Club website, but it was not entirely the complete information. So, here it goes.

At the stroke of midnight, the new HDFC Bank 10X promotion was posted out. Unlike the last years where the rules were the same for all cards, and the value changed only for the points per card, the new Smartbuy 10X promotion has now made it a promotion which is different for different products. This is now shown with the new banner for the 10X Reward points promotion.

HDFC 10X Smartbuy

When you click through to the promotion, you would see, the HDFC 10X Smartbuy promotion has the date of June 2019 for now. Unlike earlier, the 10X promotion is now only limited to Infinia, Diners Club cards and the Regalia card. Everyone else gets 5% cashback.

HDFC 10X Smartbuy

That means you could earn 10X points for the following activities with HDFC SmartBuy here on:

  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Shopping via Flipkart and Amazon
  • Comparison shopping via the SmartBuy website

Different credit cards now, however, have a different ceiling on the number of points you can earn.

  • Infinia has a ceiling of earning 15,000 25,000 HDFC Reward Points per month.
  • Diners Club Black cards have a ceiling of earning 15,000 HDFC Reward Points per month.
  • Other Diners Club/ Regalia cards have a ceiling of earning 5,000 HDFC Reward points per month.
  • Other Credit/Debit cards will get a 5% cashback, capped at INR 1,000 per month.

Also, with respect to EMIs, the whole look out has changed. Now, Smartbuy 10X is applicable only for EMI Transactions (on flights / Hotels / Flipkart store) on Infinia or Diners Club or Regalia only. Not applicable on EMI transactions on any other card.

The promotion has been significantly watered down now. So, primarily, the Smartbuy site can now be used in the following manner to maximise the promotion:

  • Infinia: Maximum Spend of INR 50,000 INR 83,333 at Smartbuy will get you 15,000 25,000 bonus Reward Points in June 2019 at the rate of 33% cashback (30% bonus and 3% regular, each point earned is INR 1)
  • Diners Club Black: Maximum Spend of INR 16,667 INR 50,000 at Smartbuy will get you 5,000 15,000 bonus Reward Points in June 2019 at the rate of 33% cashback (30% bonus and 3% regular, each point earned is INR 1)
  • Diners Club Miles/Premium/Regalia: Maximum Spend of INR 20,835 at Smartbuy will get you 5,000 bonus Reward Points in June 2019 at the rate of 12% cashback (Each point earned is INR 0.5)
  • Diners Club Rewardz: Maximum Spend of INR 27,779 at Smartbuy will get you 5,000 bonus Reward Points in June 2019 at the rate of 6% cashback (Each point earned is INR 0.3) 

These are over and above the reward points towards the usual 10X period every month with partner brands for Diners Club products only, and the MakeMyTrip 10X promotion is going on right now.

I don’t fault them for this, given the programme was too lucrative to be true in the first place.

So, if you were wondering, the age of devaluations is here upon us. What do you think about this new move from HDFC Bank Credit Cards?

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  1. The smartbuy 10x got extended till July 31 as per T&C with same 15k cap for DCB. looks like party is not over yet:)

  2. Now that flight comparison portal also has an option to redeem our points, do we get 10X for the balance amount that we pay for booking flights? E.g. if a flight costs Rs 16000, and I use 7000 points, and balance is paid using my Diners black, do I get 10x rewards for the balance 9000 Rs?

  3. I am really dissapointed by this move by HDFC bank and hoping soon by end of june they will revert back the offer. They havent even bothered to update their hdfcdinersclub website. They are in phase of promoting their infinia cards i suppose. Its a grave mistake from their part!

  4. how is it 25000 points for spend of Rs. 83,333? if rewards are 33%, shouldn’t it be 25,000 points on a spend of Rs. 75,000?

  5. Do we get 10X reward points when we book Flight tickets through AMAZON, now that Amazon has its own Flight booking as well?

    Also, I had used my card in April 1st week for some big ticket purchases through Amazon/Flipkart using Smartbuy + Diners black. Havent’ got the balance 9X points yet. Do the points always get credited at the end of 90 days?

    • The amazon offer requires you to navigate through smartbuy, and you come to a specific Amazon page that says “HDFC Smartbuy Offer” next to the search box. When you search products, it shows products that are eligible for offer, and for other products, it might say not available for offer. Flight bookings are not available from here, hence not eligible.

  6. Can anybody tell me how the 10x partners of DCB work like MakeMyTrip, Uber etc ?

    Do I need to enter special codes to get 10x on partner sites or go via diners website etc ? Or just plain simple directly go to partner websites for direct booking ?

    • For Diners 10x partners, Makemytrip needs coupon, others dont. Read Terms and Conditions on the 10x offer page please, it has details specific to each partner. Makemytrip only some specific hotels are eligible.

    • Uber – Just use your card for payment and thats it.
      Makemytrip : Depends on whether you need to do International or domestic hotel booking. For Domesitc hotel bookings , there is a list of hotel and code which needs to be used for those hotels. For international booking, there is no code and no list , which means that you can go and book directly without any restriction – Atleast that is what I have been told by HDFC Call center and I have maintained the call recording for covering myself.

      I also feel that for most obvious things, you will have take pains of going through the fine print of Terms and conditions. I guess simple things such as how to book, what are the general terms and conditions etc , you should take some time and initiative to get this information and not expect everything to be spoonfed.

  7. Diners Black can still earn 25,000 points via Partner Brands like MakeMyTrip, Tata Cliq, Swiggy, Bigbasket, Uber, BookMyShow, SOTC, Furlenco and Treebo

    • Is it by directly visiting the partner websites like MakeMyTrip or Uber etc or Treebo etc ? Or do we need to go via diners website or some other like smartbuy or do we need special codes to get 10x ?

  8. Just wanted to confirm if smartbuy 10x is over and above 10x partner brands. What I mean is can I get 10x on partner brands + 10x on smartbuy (25000 + 15000), a total of 40000 points? Assuming smartbuy cap is 15000 for diners Club black.

    Please do respond to my query

      • The reason I am asking is I have already used my smartbuy 10x quota of 25000 points (15k going forward) for this statement cycle, would I be able to accrue additional 25k points if I spend on 10x partner brands? Can someone confirm this based on their own experience?

          • Smartbuy terms does say that it’s calendar month but 10x rewards for partner website terms say it’s per statment cycle. In any case, I would like to know if 10x for smartbuy and 10x for partner brands have their separate limit. Can i get 40k reward points on diners black per month or statement cycle whichever is true?

            • I have a DCB card. Now the revised limit on points is 15000 via Smartbuy and 25000 via partner brands. (like Uber/Tata Cliq etc)
              My query is that if I go to Smartbuy and want to buy an Iphone XR for about Rs.75,000 through ‘Compare and Shop’ section on Smartbuy – and if I select Tata Cliq through there (which also happens to be a 10x partner for upto 25000 points) would I get combined benefit of Smartbuy points (15000) plus the partner brand benefit for Tata Cliq (25000 points).
              This makes it a total of 40000 points. HDFC site says that partner reward points are over and above Smartbuy points. Is this correct or is it too good to be true?

        • Yes. 10x partners and smartbuy are separate offers. Its written on the 10x offer page on diners website under smartbuy:”This offer is in addition to 10X offer on Partner Brands.”
          so 25k on 10x partners + 15k on smartbuy is possible.

    • This is true based on my personal experience. You can call customer care to check for any queries you have. They seem to be knowledgeable.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience. I went ahead and made the additional purchase already, will share my experience here.

    • Although I get the answer, just to confirm the same based on my personal experience.
      Smartbuy and Partner brands 10X have their separate limits and one can avail benefits of a total 40K reward points in a month. (Smartbuy follows calendar month whereas Partner brands 10x take the statemet billing cycle in consideration)

  9. What about the last point?

    “7. Customers who are not KYC verified customers and not having an active Payzapp Account will not be eligible to earn Reward points / Cashback for this offer.”

    Any views?

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