HDFC Infinia/Diners Club Black to restructure redemption rules in July 2020

HDFC Bank had last year restructured the award redemptions for the HDFC Bank Club Miles and the HDFC Bank Regalia credit cards, where they limited the number of points you could use for only up to 70% of the cost of your travel redemptions. The rest 30% at the minimum had to be paid with the credit card. Now, this change is coming to the super-premium category with the Infinia & Diners Club Black credit cards.

However, a new rule is coming in effect on July 25, 2020. HDFC Bank has notified a change, that says that from here on, only 70% of the value of a ticket would be redeemable on points and that at least 30% of the value of the ticket would have to be paid for using the Infinia or Diners Club Black Credit Card itself. The new rule comes into effect on July 25, 2020. This information has also been sent out to members today.

For example, if you wanted to book a ticket for INR 5,000, as of now, you can redeem 5,000 points from your Infinia/DCB account and get the ticket issued. Come July 25, 2020, you would be only able to use 3,500 Reward Points out of your Infinia/DCB card account (equivalent for INR 3,500), and the rest would have to be paid using the card.

Convenience Fee to go up

Till so far, HDFC Bank Smartbuy portal offered the unique ability to book tickets on the cheap because there was just a fixed convenience fee of INR 236, whether you book one-way or round-trip, and whether you book one-person or five on the same ticket. HDFC Bank will hike this fee up in the coming days. There is confirmation on the Infinia website, also on the Diners Club website, and Regalia website.

Like you can see, the new convenience fees will be:

  • Domestic Single: INR 280
  • Domestic Round Trip: INR 450
  • International Single: INR 750
  • International Round Trip: INR 860

If you are a DCB or Infinia customer, how does this affect your usage strategy?

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  1. I only collect points to convert into miles. If they touch that, the card will be surrendered without a second thought. Both Citi and now HDFC seem to be working towards driving people away.

  2. Such a good card now will loose its customer as they are changing huge benefits they are decreasing from last 2 years now no use of having these cards go for Amex card or standard chartered ultimate card

  3. Closing Infinia card and cancelling all travel cards till we see travel without quarantine drama. Its worthless to hold cards when they keep on reducing benefits and charging yearly fees and travel is very risky now.

  4. I guess better to convert my 1.5 L points to krisflyer miles. Whats next, limit on number of points to be redeem in every month.

  5. 1) Being a DCB holder with 2 Lakh + points.
    First the devaluation news now this one… Never expected this.. Hope they bring the 100% redemption back post once things get better!

    2) Ajay the ratio of points transfer from DCB to Avios,Vistara is still 1:1 right?

    3) Will wait for few months.. If nothing seems coming back as before it will be best to take an Amex..

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