Diners Club 10x points on International Spends & 1% Cashback with HDFC Bank

While HDFC Bank has more or less drained out most of their card members for their point earnings, they are good at keeping the top end happy. They have renewed their list of 10x partners, and kept the Jet Diners Black card out of their recent devaluation. Their turn now to keep the HDFC Bank Diners Club card holder happy.

Now, for the rest of the year, HDFC Bank Diners Club is offering their Diners Club card members another opportunity to earn bonus Reward Points. They are offering 10X rewards on International Spends between September 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. The following rewards can be earned under this promotion per billing cycle:

  • HDFC Bank Diners Rewardz: 2,000 Points
  • HDFC Bank Diners Premium: 5,000 Points
  • HDFC Bank Diners Black: 10,000 Points

The bonus points earned here are over and above any spends made on other promotions such as the regular 10X promotion or the Smartbuy 10X promotion on all HDFC cards. As usual, the points come in 90 days after the spend is done, and you need to pay in a foreign currency to be able to get your points.

Value of Promotion

Now, how does it work for you in terms of value, you ask?

  • HDFC Bank Diners Rewardz: You earn 3 Reward Points/ INR 150 spent, which value at INR 0.90 after the latest valuations. With this promotion, you would get another 27 Reward Points/INR 150 spent, so you get a total value of INR 9/INR 150 spent, which makes it a 6% cashback in total.
  • HDFC Bank Diners Premium: You earn 4 Reward Points/ INR 150 spent, which value at INR 2.00 after the latest valuations. With this promotion, you would get another 36 Reward Points/INR 150 spent, so you get a total value of INR 20/INR 150 spent, which makes it a 13% cashback in total.
  • HDFC Bank Diners Black: You earn 5 Reward Points/ INR 150 spent, which value at INR 5 after the latest valuations. With this promotion, you would get another 45 Reward Points/INR 150 spent, so you get a total value of INR 50/INR 150 spent, which makes it a 33% cashback in total.


Given there is a cap on the points, it makes sense to use your cards per billing cycle for the following amounts:

    • Diners Rewardz: INR 11110 per cycle
    • Diners Premium: INR 20830 per cycle
    • Diners Black: INR 33330 per cycle.

Again, these are promotions for points earning cards and not valid for miles earning cards such as those with JetPrivilege. You need to make transactions over INR 150 to be eligible for the points in the first place.

HDFC Global Value gets you 1% Cashback

HDFC Bank has also added the Diners Club Cards to their Global Value program as of this month. You pay INR 199 towards your welcome or renewal benefit on this promotion. In return you get 500 Reward Points on activation by doing the first international transaction. Subsequently, you get 1% cashback up to INR 1000 per billing cycle. If you spend more than INR 150,000 per annum, you get an additional INR 2000 Yatra Voucher. You need to call HDFC Bank to enroll for this program and you get it activated within 5 working days.


Why does this make sense? Well, you pay 2% markup fees +GST on your cards and with this, you get back much more (1% cashback, 10X points and more).


I’m glad that HDFC Bank is keeping their pursefeeders happy at least. So, if you are on an international trip, or spend abroad buying off Amazon, here is the place to direct some of your spend on.

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  1. Ajay, have a quick question. I know that Amazon has 10x offer running but my question… is it for anything and everything (tv, washing machine, cameras yes though).

    What about jewellery? Just curious as I saw tanishq and lot more there… Thanks a lot .

  2. I am currently using Hdfc dinners rewardz card. The point value has been reduced from 0.90 to 0.30. It has affected the points that i acquired previously also. How should I deal with this?

    • @Aj unfortunately you can’t do anything about it now. HDFC pushed out notices long ago and you could have spent it at .90 INR then.

  3. Hi Ajay,
    Do you have an idea if we can convert the purchase to EMI to work around the monthly accrual limit of 2000 points?

  4. Ajay,

    Is the hotline service number for infinia/black disabled? I can no longer find it on the website, and they seem to be asking to go through regular credit card customer care, which is painful enough to cause me ti skip registration!

      • I Doubt this

        its only for retail spent abroad as per below

        Under this offer, 10X Rewards points will be posted only on eligible retail international transactions done in Foreign Currency

        • It’s valid for all forex transactions. I made an online payment and got the cashback and points.
          However to get 1% cashback, you need to register for global value program, the fee for which is 200+taxes

        • i am still not sure if Amazon 10x is there even for Amazon pay.
          though it seems to be there but nothing 100% on that??

          on Amazon mobile app, under amazon pay, it shows 10x with diner.

          • just that Diner T&C says 10x wont be considered for wallet funding.
            Amazon pay is as good as a wallet which gives you option of payments to quite a few vendors.
            now today 10x is getting over on amazons so thinking of adding some money hoping i get 10X.

  5. Hi Ajay!
    This is good news indeed for Diners Black! and with the forex markup being essentially lowered to 1% (Plus 10x) points as you pointed out! This has become an excellent value proposition not just for domestic use but for those of us who frequently travel or do online transactions abroad….

    However…. called the HDFC rep and un-surprisingly they are not aware about this??!! And that still I feel remains a problem. The HDFC helpline and other over the phone services remain significantly lacking.

    Well, nonetheless ….. happy days!

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