Have you participated in the Hyatt Million Points Sweepstakes yet?

Just a friendly reminder from your friend at Live From A Lounge, that Hyatt is giving away 100,000 Gold Passport points to 10 participants on Facebook, all for heading up to Facebook and putting up your name, email address and your GP number (if you have one!). What is more, per eligible ’email address’, you can participate 9 times via the 9 different pages below:

The sweepstakes are open till 9th December 2011, and if you had 10 email ID’s (gmail, hotmail, office, etc.) you could participate in the contest 10 times over!

So if you haven’t headed there yet, do that now and make sure you are a part of the sweepstakes!

PS: (Fine print) Only for the residents of the United States and Canada!

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