Google Pixel 3a Price Just INR 24K for 3 days only! Cheaper than the US!

The Google Pixel 3a, which was just launched 3 days ago, is the mini version of the Google Pixel phone and comes with the same sharp camera that the Google phones have come to be known for. The Google Pixel 3a price is very handsome, at INR 39,999 for the 5.6″ screen size, and INR 44,999 for the Google Pixel 3a XL, with the 6″ screen size.

The new Google Pixel 3a is currently being bundled with free Youtube Music Premium and unlimited Google Photos storage to back up all your images. All that for a price of INR 39,999.

But, you can get it even cheaper. HDFC Bank and Flipkart are currently partnering on the Flipkart Sale, which is on offer through May 19, 2019. Here, HDFC Bank Credit Card users are going to be able to get a 10% discount on their purchases on Flipkart.

Now, club this with the Smartbuy proposition, valid through May 2019. Assuming you hold an HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card or an Infinia, you get a further 33% discount on these prices, although you get it in HDFC Bank Reward points, and these points can be used for travel bookings at INR 1 later.

Variant Price Pay w/ HDFC Smartbuy
Pixel 3a INR 39,999 INR 35,999 INR 24,119
Pixel 3a XL INR 44,999 INR 40,999 INR 27,469

The offer is only for a limited time, till May 19, and till stocks last. So, if you’ve been waiting to upgrade that phone with the bonus that hits your account in April, this is a sweet deal. Even HDFC Bank is borrowing our line of thought now!

The Google Pixel 3a Price that I just showed you is the best price you can get for a phone which takes some of the best pictures out there. 


  1. 1. I have used SmartBuy 10x on my Infinia in April, 2019 for buying flight tickets. I didn’t receive the bonus miles, but I recently booked a hotel in May, 2019 using SmartBuy 10x and the miles were credited instantly. Has anyone got this experience with SmartBuy-i.e. transactions from the past aren’t credited as yet, but current one’s are?

    2. How does one dispute Amazon spends with HDFC SmartBuy team? I spent over Rs 50k on Amazon recently using SmartBuy, but I will have to wait for 90 days to see if they honour the transaction, whilst I have no proof for the transaction being done on SmartBuy?

    • whilst in the offer TnCs , they mention the points will be credited 90 days from end of transaction month , it is their internal team that decides when to credit the points . i also have pending points for April 2019 , which on customer care said i will have to wait out the 90days , for May and June , all 10x points except flipkart/amazon are being credited within 3-4 working days ( i got points for may and june txs on smartbuy)

      Infinia Customer care are really good , just talk to them politely and they will guide you

    • You can get the Rs. 4000 discount Ma’aam, but the miles will not be 10X and just the normal 8 miles per Rs 150 spent.

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