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2018 has just about started, and there is no time better than right now to put your plans for 2018 in action. Specifically, your travel plans, especially the part where you need to think through how will you travel better this year. We have a lot of tips and tricks in store for you. Here are the first few things you need to do this year to get a headstart in 2018 for Free Travel.

This is specifically a video for LFALtv, our new YouTube channel launched today which will cover all things miles, points and travel.

While we’d invite you to look at the full video, here are some key tips for your ready reference as well.

1.Sign up for loyalty programs if you haven’t, yet.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs: Sign Me Up!

First things first. Sign up for all the airline and hotel loyalty programs in your region or the ones you think you’ll be using this year. It is just about membership number. Once done, ensure that your membership number reflects every time you fly or make a hotel stay. Even when you are not brand loyal, this helps you add up miles and points during your travels.

2.Sign up for promotions from these programs

Keep an eye out for all the current promotions. Airlines and hotels often run offers which can help you earn extra miles and points. Just a few days back, I wrote about a Jet Airways promotion where 9W was giving 15,000 bonus JP miles for one round trip on Jet Airways. Then, there is always a chance to stack your account with extra miles when you web check-in or book directly.

Similarly, Marriott Rewards’ MegaBonus gets you a free night stay on two stays that you complete. Not just that Marriott has been doling out points on Twitter in 2017 where you could earn points by just sending out a simple tweet. Shipra and I managed to earn over 25,000 Marriott Rewards points without spending anything on a stay.

It doesn’t cost anything to register for these promotions. So sign up and keep them in mind when planning your upcoming travels. There is a very good chance that you will earn a free vacation on points much sooner than you imagined.

3.Sign up for Award Wallet

With so many loyalty programs to keep track of it’s easy to feel lost trying to track everything. One of the best tools for tracking your miles and points is AwardWallet. The paid version of the same tool is AwardWallet+, which comes free via this link for 6 months. While AwardWallet allows you to track multiple accounts, you can also use their stored passwords to log into your accounts from their page. This makes it easier to keep all your miles and points related information in one place and manage it.

4.Get Mileage earning credit cards

Credit Cards

Credit Cards

This is something I keep reiterating all the time. Apart from travelling on a plane the easiest way to earn airline miles is by spending on cards that offer miles. Shipra and I keep multiple mileage earning cards and stack up a neat pile. Check how we together earned over a million miles in 2016. A modest spend of INR 10,000 a month on the right credit card can earn you enough miles for a free Jet Airways flight. Check out our post on how to pick a miles earning credit card, and our recommendations on Credit Cards for beginners and for advanced users.

5.Be Loyal

It’s important that you show commitment to an airline or a hotel chain for them to recognize you as a valued customer. There are so many benefits you can get by just being loyal and gaining a status. Here’s how our airline status helped us on a 50-hour long economy return trip to the US last year.


There are tonnes of ways to get more returns out of your already planned travel and make it better for you. We intend to share one tip a day with you to make your travel better. You can track our newly launched #LoungeBytes series on Twitter and on Instagram Stories.

What is the way you are getting ready to Jet Set in 2018? Do Share in the comments below. 

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Ajay Awtaney is the Founder and Editor of Live From A Lounge (LFAL), a pioneering digital platform renowned for publishing news and views about aviation, hotels, passenger experience, loyalty programs, travel trends and frequent travel tips for the Global Indian. He is considered the Indian authority on business travel, luxury travel, frequent flyer miles, loyalty credit cards and travel for Indians around the globe. Ajay is a frequent contributor and commentator on the media as well, including ET Now, BBC, CNBC TV18, NDTV, Conde Nast Traveller and many other outlets.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the exhaustively researched articles. I found your blog quite useful. I need an advice on JetPrivilege Credit Cards. I earn >25lakh per year and in Govt Service. I like to travel a lot including one international budget holiday a year. I took a JP-ICICI Sapphiro Visa Card last November and got a free JP-ICICI Sapphiro Amex card along with that. I have earned a total of about 35k miles in six months. Now the miles earning is being reduced by the bank that no miles will be henceforth earned on Fuel spends and just one mile per Rs 100 can be earned on utility payments. Now this is a demotivating factor as I spend a lot on both these. As I do not hold a CitiBank account, I cant apply for Citibank Premier Miles Card. Given this scenario, may I request you to compare all available options for me to switch over to some other JP CC.?

  2. Hi Ajay.. Great Article..
    I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask for quite some time..
    I travel on an average of 4 domestic flights a month, but 90% of them are on Indigo (due to convenient options as well as corporate schemes).. So what are the options available for me for earning Points and Miles?
    I have the following cards –
    1) ICICI Coral Mastercard
    2) HDFC Regalia
    3) HDFC Diners Premium

  3. Hi Ajay,

    Great Post to start the new year!!

    Travelling to Dubai later this month. I hold the below cards, could you advise which ones would be best for international spends?

    1. Jet Airways Diners Club Black.
    2. Jet Airways Amex Platinum.
    3. HDFC Regalia Original.

    Thanks and appreciate the good you do for us…

  4. “A modest spend of INR 10,000 a month on the right credit card can earn you enough miles for a free Jet Airways flight”

    Can you please let know the card and spend site to earn like this. Eagerly waiting for this, would shift entire spends to that card and earn royally. ☺☺

  5. Super Beginning Ajay. I regularly read all your emails and blogs. Keeps me updated with any offer and promotions.

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