Radisson offering 2X elite qualification nights and stays!

There are two significant ways to attain elite status in a hotel loyalty program. First is where you complete some stays with the chain or second, where you spend nights at the hotel. Radisson Rewards is one of the few programs which still considers both stays and nights towards Radisson rewards elite status. There is a new promotion going on where you get double qualification stays and nights through December 28, 2018.

radisson rewards elite status

This is a targeted promotion where you receive an email which tells you that you are eligible for this promotion. To participate, you’d have to first signup on their website. However, when I tried signing up for the offer, I received an email saying that I have been registered. This is despite the fact that I didn’t get any email about the offer in the first place.

radisson rewards elite status

This means if you are starting from scratch, you’ll need stay 30 nights or complete 15 stays to hit the platinum tier. On the one hand, I advise folks to avoid chasing status just for the heck of it but same time it’s a good idea to book using this deal if you are a couple of nights/stays short on reaching/renewing elite status.

If you end up booking using the cash+points option, don’t worry, these stays will get you the bonus. Pre-existing reservations are not eligible for this promo.

Key terms and conditions of this promotion include:

  • Bonus Elite Qualifying Nights are capped at ten nights per eligible stay.
  • Bonus Elite Qualifying Stays will be unlimited.
  • You only need to register once, but you must register before checkout of your eligible stay for that stay to count for the Promotion.


It’s an excellent chance for those Radisson Rewards members who are looking to get elite status fast. If you are already elite, this is an offer worth considering if you plan on retaining your status. A word of caution though. Your 2X bonus is only confirmed if you have been targeted for this promotion.

Will you be using this opportunity to level up?

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