Samsung distributes free Galaxy Note 8 phones (worth $1000 each) on a plane

There is no doubt last year was a tough year for Samsung, with all the troubles with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, as well as the aviation community having to ban the phone from flights given their unsafe track record.

Now, as if to poke a thumb at the incident, Samsung decided it was a good idea to give out the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone to a whole plane full of passengers. And they did shove out a cart full of phones into the galley.

So 200 passengers on Iberia’s flight 0513 between La Coruña to Madrid Barajas in Spain got a free phone each as they flew on this lucky flight. The promotion was organised by Samsung Spain, and Samsung even made a video about it.

Of course, Iberia had their own video as well.

Of course, everyone was happy being richer with a top of the line phone!

Happy enough to pose for a plane-group-selfie!

Thank goodness this was not distributed amongst a double aisle plane or an A380, otherwise, the marketing with this picture would have gone all wrong!

Bravo Samsung, on each phone, said,

A year ago we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board.

They indeed tweeted later,

At Samsung, when we fall, we not only rise back up – we learn to fly!

I love the humour of the situation if nothing else, and I just wonder why do these things happen to other people while I still have to buy my phones, that too, without a contract! 😉

Samsung, I doff my hat to you for thumbing your own nose to show you’re back!


  1. Is this for Friday the 13th or Halloween? A plane full of Samsungs would scare me immensely given their history of batteries catching fire on planes.

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