Flytographer: Our favourite vacation photographer!

I still remember the day, June 10, 2014. Back then, Ajay and I were dating and he flew me to Paris for an impromptu vacation. One evening, we were walking in the park behind the Eiffel Tower and out of the blue, he popped the question. I said Yes!

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But immediately after he proposed, I said that I wanted us to get a picture together and started scouting to stop someone passing by so that we could both be together in one frame, head to toe. Little did I realise that Ajay had hired a photographer who had been following us for some time and capturing the candid moments all along. That was the first time, I was introduced to the idea of hiring a vacation photographer, Flytographer. I absolutely loved the memories from the proposal trip to Paris. We laugh looking at them even today, thinking how naive I was and how I couldn’t figure out that there were three of us on that trip, me, he and the diamond ring safely tucked away in his pocket.
Over the years, we’ve continued to travel and we haven’t taken well to the idea of using a selfie stick. I am amused to see how most people these days spend more time balancing a pole to take that perfect shot rather than enjoying the moment together. But what we have managed to do is capture memories along the way. Flytographer came to our rescue on our honeymoon trip in New York as well. We wanted to take some fun pictures together and our personal photographer delivered the brief well.
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We’ve been able to find a photographer almost everywhere we travel to Tokyo, New York, Paris and even in Goa. I’m told now they exist in over 300 locations around the globe. Last month, for our wedding anniversary we went back to Paris and Ajay gifted me another day of photoshoot with Flytographer. Our photographer, Olga, was a local and she knew some beautiful spots in Ille-de-France, which is an an island inside Paris, on the Seine river. We wanted to beat the crowds, so we requested an early morning time slot. A request that was well accommodated.
a man and woman standing on a bridge


Then as Olga snapped us along the way in the bylanes of Paris, on bridges over the Seine river and outside pretty little cafes built-in homes dating back to 1512, she also gave us an insight into the history and a local perspective into the area. I loved it, and over the years Flytographer has tuned out to be our happiest travel expense.
a man and woman standing in front of a building


The pictures were turned around as soon as the weekend, and they have some great shots that we are now framing up for our home.
I know a lot of people are always looking for photographers for their best vacation moments, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve looked at hiring photographers from other places, for instance Airbnb Experiences, but while they are very cheap, but you then don’t know the photography style and can’t see the professional work of your photographer before you get going with them.
Also, Flytographer photographers know the lay of the land, have some great insights into the places you are going, and the best part is, cost the same across the world. They also have a special Proposal package with works perfectly for that surprise proposal trip. If you want to gift the Flytographer experience to someone, they also have gift cards.
If you have’t tried out Flytographer, do give them a shot for your next trip. If you sign up with referral code AJAY, you get $25 off your first shoot as well, whenever you choose to use it. Here is the link to the Flytographer website.
And what do you do to capture your travel memories?


  1. indeed this is perfect, we did not had time for pre-wedding shoot but i ensured to surprise her by hiring a photographer in Mauritius for our post wedding shoot.. perfect way to spend some idle time creating beautiful memories

  2. Thanks for sharing! Getting a few keepsake photos has always a bit of a pain for my wife and I when we travel so this is a really good solution!

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