Flying is healing!

I just did a gruesome 12 hours of flying wherby I realised flying could actually be healing, medically too! Whoa.

So I had to get into Zurich before Monday on a work schedule, and I took the trip into Brussels from Mumbai via Jet Airways, and connected with a Swiss flight 2 hours later. Along the way, I had to clear a serpentine long queue for passport control and transit security. Top it up with the fact that my upgrade did not clear, and I had to rough it out in economy for the 9 hours I was on BOM-BRU.

But I am surprised at the way I react to flying (in a positive way of course!). Like I reported a short while back, this trip was a long time back plan which came down to the last minute due to various reasons. For one, a new Schengen visa for a new passport. I did not know of that and I assumed that a valid Schengen on an old passport would have worked. So, a new visa which only came last minute. Last minute work with 14 hour days and all that. In a nutshell, I am used to strenuous workdays but this one was equal of 2 strenuous weeks put up in one. Left me with a bad headache while I got on the plane, and a pain, back and wrist ache which accumulated over the week.

While I checked into my hotel room at Zurich which is where I am writing this short post from, I realized all of that was gone. And hence came the first positive results of my theory, flying is healing! Do you share my newfound theory? Let me know here 😀


  1. Totally agree with you, i’ve flown 14 hrs non stop and after getting down i’ve felt so refreshed, i guess it’s got to do with the fact that when you do something you love so much you automatically get re-energized.

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