First Experience with new Jet Airways Check-in procedure

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the changes to the Jet Airways Elite Check-in processes. In a nutshell, Jet Airways has clubbed the check-in counters for Elite members (Platinum, Golds and those eligible via credit cards or buying Priority Advantage), with Premiere Counters. JetPrivilege Silver members were, in the process, sent to the regular economy class queues. These changes were implemented with effect from May 17, 2018, onwards.

These changes brought Jet Airways in line with the other two full-service carriers who operate in India and various abroad, who club their elite members with various classes of check-in of theirs.

Last week, I flew with Jet Airways for the first time after the cutover, and I noticed the change. And it looked good to me the way it was implemented. I’d be the first to admit that my experience is anecdotal at this time, but I was suitably impressed.

What Jet Airways has done, at least in Delhi, is to club all the elite counters with Premiere Counters, rather than cutting down the number of counters. For instance, when I flew Delhi to Dubai last November, this was how it looked like, separate counters for Premiere Domestic and International, one for Platinum members and then one further down for everyone else.

Jet Airways Check In

When I flew last week, this is how it looked. All the four counters were now allocated to Premiere and JetPrivilege Platinum/Gold/Priority Advantage.

Jet Airways Check in

What that meant was, like you see above, hardly any crowd on a Friday afternoon when the consultant gang begins to start trickling in to take their flights back to base.

Jet Airways Check In

We were second in the queue so we were quickly attended to and on our way. On the other hand, if we would have waited in the Economy queues, it would have been a while.

If this is the true reflection of how things would be going forward, then my fear of having too many people wait would perhaps be unfounded and the queue would be more balanced out.

Have you flown with Jet Airways after May 17? Do share what has been your experience with the new Elite check-in counters. 

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  1. Hi Ajay,

    I do truly enjoy reading your blog from time to time, especially when you cover Jet Airways, and its recent ups and downs in the JP FF Program. Being a FF myself (JP PLT, and >1 Million Miles) I must say, Jet Airways had this one coming, I don’t remember all the Platinum members following this protocol where they would go to Economy section and or the Platinum section for check-in, most would be inclined to use the Premiere section for check-in and such frequent flyers aren’t the best to be made upset. I also appreciate that they made the change for the boarding process, where previously PLT and GLD were allowed to board only after business class people, now they are allowed to board as per their convenience something that they should have never implemented the first place.

    I remember flying Economy once for a flight from Mumbai – Delhi and was denied boarding when the business class boarding was announced and it just threw me off completely, at that time I hoped that they would make the change quickly and not upset any frequent flyers.

    Keep the blogging going, I do enjoy reading them, lets keep our hopes up JP makes a few more changes and join the Sky Team Alliance which would be the perfect move forward for them (IMHO)

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