Free 500 JPMiles for Kindle Unlimited subscription

As the monsoon drags along, bringing the usual string of delays and in rare cases, airport shutdowns, I end up doing a lot of reading at the lounge or onboard, mostly on my Kindle. Now, with the 500 extra JPMiles Amazon is offering on the Kindle Unlimited, it maybe is a good idea check this e-library service and also save some money.

extra JPmiles amazon

To get these extra JPMiles, you’d have to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, priced at INR 150 per month, using or JetPrivilege Scout by August 2018.[Extended through October 2018]. Once purchased, you can borrow up to up ten titles at a time using a Kindle device or the app. There is a free trial available for the first month.

Once you complete the purchase, you should receive 500 JPMiles within three days as per the terms and conditions. The important T&C are:

  • JetPrivilege members who possess a valid and existing JP Membership Number are allowed to participate in this offer.
  • The offer is also valid for new customers who enroll as a JetPrivilege Member on during the offer validity period.
  • The credit of JPMiles shall take effect only after the successful subscription to the Kindle Unlimited Plan and in accordance with the Online Affiliate Policy available at
  • All JPMiles accumulated under this Offer shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the JetPrivilege Program available at
  • JPMiles will be credited based on final confirmation given by Amazon. Disapproved Kindle Unlimited subscription will not get accounted for JPMiles.


If you are a bookworm like me, you might end up discovering your next great read, and the 500 extra JPmiles doesn’t hurt either. Additionally, if you need a new Kindle, you can buy one from Amazon here.

Have you used the Kindle Unlimited subscription service? What has been your experience?


  1. I had subscribed to the offer through JetPrivilege site but have not received the Bonus miles. Can some one please let me know how long it takes for the bonus miles to be credited and how to contact JetPrivilege to raise this issue.


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