Video: Emirates brings a safety demonstration to Football

Emirates is one of the most highly visible brands out there, and they make sure they stay top of mind with their customers and prospective customers by keeping the aspirational image about them. A part of that image building is also getting into sponsorships of sports teams and events.

To make their presence felt in Lisbon recently, their crew did a safety demonstration at the beginning of a football game with 65,000 people in presence. Have a look:

Truly innovative and gets the eyeballs not just in the stadium but online as well!!

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  1. Really good job by EK. Btw, a really good soccer inspired video was used on TK (Turkish Airlines) onboard its flight till there re-branding in 2014.

  2. @aj,
    I saw the video 5 minutes before you posted it. Woah!! I am imagining the amount of brainstorming involved to just think of the concept.

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