The #ElectronicsBan from Europe has been cancelled!

Earlier in March, the US Administration applied a ban on all electronics except phones in the flight cabin for flights from various Middle Eastern and African airports. The British followed up with a ban of their own, which was varied as compared to the American version. All of this of course did not discourage us from booking family on Etihad Airways which has a better service anyday than the other options which were United or even British Airways for example.

Having said that, there were various intense discussions till last week that a similar ban would be imposed across the pond as well, based on intelligence reports, and Delta went so far as to even put our signage stating the ban was going to be implemented as of May 12, 2017.

This will not be the case for the moment. Per a BBC Report:

US and EU officials have decided against a ban on laptops and tablets in cabin baggage on flights from Europe.

But after a four-hour meeting in Brussels to discuss the threats to aviation security, officials said other measures were still being considered.

US officials had previously said they were looking into extending to Europe a ban on electronics on flights from eight mostly Muslim countries.

The measure was introduced over fears a bomb could be concealed in a device.

The meeting was requested by EU officials after recent reports suggested US authorities had new information regarding laptop parts being turned into explosives.

However, this is not the end of this I am sure. The ban carries on for other carriers, which hurts them. There is already implications that Emirates is facing at the moment due to this with a dip on profits. And we are waiting for the final word on this.


If you love your laptop, you could still travel across to the USA on flights originating from Europe with the laptops on your person. That is a big Yay!

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