#ElectronicsBan from Europe is here! Delta putting out notices

Like we have been discussing, the Electronics Ban was first introduced in the Middle East and African airports, and now the US Administration was considering making it a bigger ban covering Europe.

Turns out it is true. Analyst Alex Macheras just tweeted a picture of notices put out by Delta, which notifies that only Cellphones would be allowed on flights to the United States.

I am awaiting an official announcement, but the worse dreams are coming true! I’m keeping an eye out for that and will update this post when it is notified.

How many of you heading to Canada now?


  1. Fake news, or this is hardly a news site. Your caption is total crap, it hasn’t happened yet so stop making it look like it has. I think this is the site that was also encouraging recalcitrant Indians to go to Australia and man handle koala’s. outrageous !!

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  2. Dear Terrorist,

    Please buy ticket to the USA via Asia or South America. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.


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