Fly Direct from Mumbai to Tashkent this winter!

It is no secret that Delhi has long overshadowed Mumbai as India’s focus destination for airlines from around the world due to the latter’s capacity constraints. But at the end of the day, airlines cannot afford to overlook a significant global business hub like Mumbai. But Mumbai is trying to close the lead fast. They got KLM last year, and new airlines keep adding. Now, Uzbekistan Airways have announced three weekly flights between Mumbai and Tashkent, Uzbekistan starting October 30, 2018.

direct flight from Mumbai to Tashkent

This makes Mumbai Uzbekistan Airways’ third destination, others being Delhi & Amritsar. The airline will be flying their A320s on this route as per the schedule below:

HY427 TAS0005 – 0445BOM A320 25
HY427 TAS0840 – 1325BOM A320 3
HY428 BOM0745 – 1120TAS A320 25
HY428 BOM1455 – 1830TAS A320 3

Bookings are now open and it will cost you around USD 460 for an economy class round-trip on this route while Business class would set you back by around USD 1280. If you plan on booking directly with them on their website, make sure you have an international Visa credit card.

direct flight from Mumbai to Tashkent

If you are an Indian passport holder, do keep in mind that you will require a visa to enter the country. Uzbekistan currently offers e-visas for tourists who can stay there for up to 30 days.


It is good to see that more and more airlines are looking to fly to Mumbai. While we are still to figure out how popular the route is going to be amongst travellers, it opens up a new destination for folks to explore and a new gateway for some exciting flight connections. Maybe it is time to take that trip to Central Asia you have been postponing all this while.

So you plan on flying out of Mumbai with Uzbekistan Airways? Tell us why.



  1. This one has to be by far the worst full service carrier ive ever flown. I was denied a glass of water by the hostess citing the reason as water is over, Later on when i went to the restroom i could see the same hostess sitting in the galley & playing game on her cellphone & glasses filled with water along there.

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