Diners Club is parting ways with World of Hyatt

One of the pioneers in the space of charge cards was Diners Club, which is now just a nice label on other bank’s products via franchising agreements worldwide. In India, for instance, Diners Club has a tieup with HDFC Bank which was doing very well over the years. Last year, however, Diners Club in India parted ways with Hyatt, and a lot of other transfer partners as well. They also went separate ways in Australia about the same time.

Now, it turns out, Hyatt and Diners Club are parting ways in the USA as well. Diners Club has put up a notice on their USA website as well, about World of Hyatt going away as a transfer partner mid-June 2017 onwards.


Here are the details from the US Diners Club website:

Notice of termination of points exchange. Effective June 16, 2017, the points exchange program with the World of Hyatt loyalty program will no longer be in effect. Please ensure any transfers are completed prior to June 15, 2017 to ensure successful point transfers.

Transfers start from 1250 Diners Club points = 750 Hyatt points and 1 Million Diners Club points get you 600K Hyatt points.

I’m not sure who initiated this move, but this is important since it shows that Hyatt and Diners Club are having some sort of global separation playing out in phases.

Or perhaps I should just stop feeling bad anymore since my ability to stop from Diners Club to Hyatt went away almost 6 months ago anyways.

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