Delhi Airport’s Terminal 2: Our Walkthrough on reopening

I have to confess, as much of an aviation geek I am, I still do love my luxuries, which is why, when in Delhi, I’m almost always flying out of Terminal 3 over the other terminals. Not to forget, Terminal 2 had been closed down after traffic was low, and Terminal 1 is under refurbishment for now. However, I had to fly out of Delhi very last minute yesterday, and as it would happen, IndiGo was my only option. Also, Terminal 2 just happened to (re)open. So, this was my opportunity for my first flight out of Terminal 2, Delhi Airport.

Delhi Airport Terminal 2: The old International Terminal

For those of you who don’t know, Terminal 2 was the original International Terminal at Delhi Airport, with Terminal 1 taking care of the domestic traffic and Terminal 2 being used for international departures. On the opening of the Terminal 3, Terminal 2 was mothballed, but came handy when Terminal 1 had to be shut for their refurbishment. Terminal 2 is now the overflow terminal for Delhi Airports’ domestic operations, and was re-opened yesterday as traffic picked up again. IndiGo will operate select flights from this airport, and Go First will operate entirely from this terminal.

Luckily for me, while I booked the ticket, I knew that the flight would operate from Terminal 2, so I directly took my cab there rather than arriving at Terminal 3 and making a dash for this Terminal. For those who mistakenly still arrive at T3, I believe there should be vehicles on standby to bring them over.

Delhi Terminal 2 Airport

As I entered, I noted a huge battery of self-serve check-in machines. The terminal will only house no-frill airlines, so self-serve check-in would allow for those who are flying without check-in bags to head directly to security. In fact, when I approached the IndiGo staff to print me a boarding pass (I prefer the card ones over the paper ones!), I was told it would be chargeable extra. Err, okay. Back to the machines I went.

Delhi Terminal 2 Airport

people walking in a large building

There is supposed to be an express counter for those travelling only with hand bags, but guess this morning was too quick or too less traffic for them to be open, so as I approached them, I was sent back to the main queue. It was just about 5:00 am or so in the morning and the traffic had not really picked up, so it was quick and quiet even in the main queue. I did find, however, that none of the automated dispensers for sanitisers were working this morning.

Post security, I found the shops opening up, and a generally quiet and empty terminal.

Delhi Terminal 2 Airport

a group of people in a large airport terminal

My flight was less than 2 hours, so per the new mandate from the Government of India, I could not buy a meal on board, and I was heading straight out from the airport, so, I really needed to eat before the flight. I thought of making a quick pitstop, at the lounge operated by Plaza Premium before heading out to the flight. I know that Plaza Premium is not laying out buffets for customers but just serving them a set menu, and that was fine.

Turns out the lounge is the only place you’d witness a queue.

Delhi Terminal 2 Airport

It was a small lounge, perhaps a 30 seater, so it was already full by the time I arrived. The lounge is also no-frills, it seems.

a group of people sitting at a table

Anyhow, boarding was called and off I went to the gate. To my surprise, all flights from this terminal use bus gates, rather than the jet bridges already installed, because apparently it costs them extra money to use the jet bridge.

airplanes on a runway

a plane parked on the tarmac

Remember, Terminal 2 is a temporary parking spot till Terminal 1 is up and running again with more capacity to handle the almost always full crowds at the Terminal. But it is a functionally nice terminal, so don’t turn up here hoping for an experience. It does the job well for having you over, checking you in and putting you through security, only to get you to your plane and over to your destination.

Best part, you scoot straight to the runway, and no long taxiing.

Have you experienced Delhi Airport Terminal 2 yet? What has been your experience?

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Delhi Terminal 2 Airport

Delhi Terminal 2 Airport

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  2. For those of us without access to lounges, what are the food options like at T2? Can we expect the usual KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.?

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