Flying into the US? Complete electronics ban for 96 hours on 13 carriers

There seems to be a new rule floated by the TSA, which will prohibit the carriage of any electronic or electrical devices on board a flight which is supposed to depart or arrive from the United States of America. The ban will be in effect from March 21, 2017, and seems to be applied on 13 carriers across the Middle East.

New Update posted here about the carriers and countries which may be affected.

Royal Jordanian has put out a notice on their social media channels first. It means all laptops, cameras, tablets, etc. go into your check-in baggage, apart from your phone or medical device.

imageAs per a comment on The Wandering Aramean, it seems the ban is all airlines flying out of the middle-east to the USA are affected. Airports with a USA pre-clearance facility will be exempt, in this case Abu Dhabi.

This is further substantiated by this tweet from an executive from Saudia:


Of course this whole story does not add up. The USA rules that you can’t have a Li-Ion battery in your checked luggage, and then they want all electronics to go in the bag. The names of the other 12 carriers or countries is not clear yet, but maybe it would be in your own best interest if you checked with your carrier if they had to comply with this rule, since the eventual inconvenience comes to you as you will now have to put your electronics in the bag, which is a complete no-no from my side!

This is a developing news, and I hope more details are out to share soon.



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